Alabama’s last basketball target for the ’22 class is now a 5-star


A few days ago we discussed high ratings Alabama Basketball the signing class for 2022 may not be complete. Based on the post-season decisions of the current players, Nate Oats can have as many as seven seats.

Currently, the Crimson Tide 2022 class includes four players who are among the top 58 players based 247Sports Composite. Two of them are 5-star players. The fifth signatory in 2022 was the JUCO player with the number 3 in the ranking.

Based on 247Sports Composite Nate Oats signed 3rd grade in college basketball.

Explaining who Ows could sign next, our publication focused on the 6’9 ″ small striker, Leonard Miller. Check out more information about Miller, including videos of highlights here.

Miller is Canadian and has been so far off the recruiting radar that he has never been ranked. That suddenly changed from making it the 5-star number 11 in the 2022 class. Alabama and several other schools expanded Miller’s offer three months ago.

Calling him a little forward is a bit misleading. He has the skills with the ball and shooting range to play in slots 1, 2 or 3 guard / wing. It has a height to be an outstanding stretch 4. It has the ability to jump to be an extension of 5, although to fight inside you will need some extra volume.

A few years ago, Miller had a growth spurt that far exceeded the typical size for a college security guard. His speed and control of the ball did not decrease with physical growth.

Can Alabama basketball land Leonardo Miller?

His brother plays TCU, preferring Horned Frogs. However, Miller is perfect for the Nate Oats system.

What Nate Oats achieves in recruiting is staggering. Using the latter Rating of players On3, the list below shows where the best players in the 2022 class are going. For comparison, the list uses the top 40 players in the rankings.

  • Duke Blue Devils (4 subscribers) – No. 1, 3, 4, 10
  • Kansas Jayhawks (4 signed) – № 16, 20, 38, 40
  • Alabama Crimson Tide (3 signed) – № 14, 25, 37
  • Eight schools have two subscribers in the top 40: Vilanova; Oregon; In Conn; Texas; LSU; Kentucky; Arkansas and UCLA.
  • Nine schools have one signatory in the top 40: Michigan; BYU; reddish; USC; Xavier; Notre Dame; Baylor; Indiana and Houston.
  • Four recruits in the top 40 have not yet chosen a curriculum, including Leonard Miller.

However, the basketball season in Alabama 2021-22 is coming to an end, Crimson Tide fans can expect a further rise under the leadership of Nate Oats.

Alabam Crimson Tide’s next game is Wednesday’s game against Mississippi at the Coleman Coliseum.

Alabama’s last basketball target for the ’22 class is now a 5-star

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