Amazon is pursuing two firms that allegedly sell fake reviews


Due to the large number of fake reviews that plague online stores these days, confirming the true quality of a product is more difficult than ever.

Amazon knows all too well that fake reviews violate the integrity of its site, and a growing number of shoppers can’t trust the opinions of others about the products they review.

The e-commerce giant revealed this week that within his constant efforts to improve the situation, he is suing two alleged brokers with fake reviews – AppSally and Rebatest – who, Amazon claims, allow you to post deceptive product reviews in exchange for cash payments or free products.

Amazon claims that the two brokers “mislead buyers by forcing their members to post fake reviews in stores such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Etsy”, adding that the purpose of the legal action is to force both companies to close.

“Brokers with fake reviews are trying to make a profit by deceiving unknown consumers and creating an unfair competitive advantage that harms our sales partners,” said Dharmesh Mehta of Amazon. said in the issue. “We know how valuable reviews are that are trustworthy for our customers. That is why we bring these fraudsters to justice. While we prevent millions of suspicious reviews from appearing in our store, these lawsuits are aimed at the source. ”

Amazon said the latest round of legal action comes after an in-depth investigation by two review brokers who together “claim to have more than 900,000 members” willing to write what she claims are fake reviews.

The website of online stores said that brokers of fake reviews are trying to evade detection in different ways, and explained how he believes the two companies that are at the center of his lawsuits are operating.

Amazon claims that AppSally sells fake reviews for only $ 20 and orders bad actors to send empty boxes to people who want to write fake reviews, and provide AppSally with photos to be uploaded along with their reviews. The scam scheme run by Rebatest will pay people who write 5-star reviews only after their fake reviews are approved by bad actors trying to sell those items. ”

Amazon says it is deploying machine learning technology and human researchers to combat fake reviews to prevent them from entering its trading site.

Emphasizing the seriousness of the task, he said that in 2020 alone, he prevented a staggering 200 million suspected fake reviews that appeared on his website, adding that he receives more than 30 million reviews each week.

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Amazon is pursuing two firms that allegedly sell fake reviews

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