Android 12L Feature Drop brings a new screen saver


Google is sending out a lot of updates in March. It has just released the latest Android 12L feature for Pixel phones, and people are seeing some new and desired changes in the software. With this feature, Pixel users see a new screen saver that tells what’s new.

This month Google is full of hands as it sends out several updates to its phones. There’s the latest drop in features, the March security patch and the final version of Android 12L for Pixel 6 phones. It seems like a lot, but it’s all worth it because it all helps push Android 12 towards more stable performance.

After the disappearance of the Android 12L feature, a new screensaver appeared

The Pixel phones that fit have gotten a few sweets in the form of software improvements. When Android 12 was launched back in October last year, it had its share of bugs. This only got worse when we got additional issues through subsequent security patches.

Then came Android 12L, which fixed a number of bugs in the software. Pixel 6 owners who had a beta version of Android 12L did not experience this nasty Wi-Fi bug on Android 12 proper. As if the beta version of Android 12L was more stable than the standard Android 12.

We now have the latest Android 12L feature, and Pixel owners are noticing a new screen saver that appears when they turn on their phones. The Pixel Tips app will pop up with the caption “Your Pixel has become more useful”. Beneath it they see two maps representing two new features that have fallen.

The first feature is a new battery widget. This widget will give you at a glance information about your battery. This is useful if you want to monitor the battery.

The next feature is this individual stickers a feature that Google recently announced. If you use Gboard and enter a phrase, you will get text-based sticker suggestions. When you type something like “Good afternoon”, you get stickers with the same text. You can get some photos, but they will be mostly text.

If you want to get this new feature, just remember that you won’t get it if you’re using a Pixel 6 phone (it will appear later this month) or if you’re using a Pixel 3/3 XL. While the Pixel 3 and XL 3 got Android 12, they didn’t get Android 12L.

Android 12L Feature Drop brings a new screen saver

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