Are Alabama Basketball and Nate Oats ready to reset?


A word to other basketball fans in Alabama – this post is driven by individual perspective, hence the label as an opinion. But it is based on facts that cannot be interpreted.

One such fact is that Alabama basketball is one of the worst teams in terms of turnover in basketball division 1. In terms of percentage of turnover per possession, Crimson Tide ranks last in the SEC. This fact sometimes refutes the claim that the Tide turnover problem is a by-product of the fast-paced team. It’s the carelessness with the ball and the bad, the movement of the ball and the passes that haunt the Purple Tide.

On monday Nate Oats discussed the issue

In the last game LSU made 16 interceptions, so that’s 16 remaining goals. Charges and dead swords are much easier to defend. Our attack does not give a chance to our defense.

Many Crimson Tide fans are worried that the problem of turnover is not new, and March is a difficult time to fix the team’s weaknesses in the basics.

Although Nate Oats would have been forced to agree that the tide is late in March, he remains a bold optimist. In the last couple of weeks, Ows, as well as at the time of hiring, has been talking about Alabama basketball reaching the Final Four.

His confidence is admirable. Speaking on Monday, Oats said

… the biggest problem now is our turns, and then, obviously, our defense, which we must continue to work on. But we definitely have a team capable of running four in a row.

Some basketball fans in Alabama are skeptical,

Between another loss to Kentucky in the second SEC Tide tournament, followed by one and a completed NCAA tournament – and the Final Four – is a reality in Alabama basketball.

That the state promotes the bold justifies the trust of Nate Oats. More specifically, a basketball team with less talent than Kentucky, Auburn, Arkansas and Tennessee (just measuring the SEC, the Big Dance team) must play tough and smart for 40 minutes to win.

The Crimson Tide has had problems with being tough and smart this season. Probably, at higher stakes in the post-season game, effort and intensity will not be a recurring problem.

Play smart is a more dubious proposition. Complaints about Crimson Tide’s “smartness” issues should start with Nate Oats. Against LSU Crimson Tide fought pressure in full court. Several times, instead of staying in the middle of the floor against the press, he scampered into the corners of the front court, which actually gave LSU extra defenders. A team that plays smart values ​​every possession and does not make such mistakes.

Then there is the crime of “five of Oats. Part of his success stems from the proliferation of the platform, which also allows guys like James Rojas, Juvan Gary and Noah Gurley to take threes. Their success rate outside the arc this season is 24.2%. Specify 11.8% of Yousaun Holt in 17 three-point attempts, and a fair conclusion: not every open three is a good shot.

Note: The player stats in this post are from and

If you go back to Tide without playing hard enough, there is a connection between momentum in the game and intensity. Nate Oats’ task is to successfully manage this relationship. Managing your team so as not to defeat yourself would be a good place to start.

Are Alabama Basketball and Nate Oats ready to reset?

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