Binotto denies Ferrari “a month ahead” from competitors in 2022


March 1 (GMM) Matthias Binot ridiculed the statement of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton that Ferrari is “a few months ahead” with its brand new 2022 car.

Hamilton believes that the full and late focus of Mercedes and Red Bull on the 2021 championship race means that big teams that are not fighting for the championship could have better prepared for the new era of Formula One.

After Ferrari became perhaps a great car during the initial tests in Barcelona, ​​he said: “You might have suggested that they may not have developed much last year and just invested everything in this car.

– So it means that they are a few months ahead? Hamilton wondered.

Ferrari boss Binot ridiculed the claim.

“I am sure that once we arrive in Bahrain, they will actually be two or three months ahead,” he told Sky Italia.

“It was important for us to create a good foundation, but we have a very long season ahead of us and I expect very strong competition from the first race.”

The Italian also believes that the best teams Mercedes and Red Bull deliberately restrained their real performance in Barcelona.

“Racing teams hide the true potential of their cars, some more than others,” Binota said.

“It’s too early to properly assess the performance of different cars.”

He said he was amazed at how different the different cars of 2022 look, while publishing “comparable” lap times.

“I think the field will be even closer during the season,” Binot added.

He also downplayed allegations that Ferrari was one of the teams most affected by the unexpected appearance on earth observed in Barcelona.

“This is an unexpected problem, but not a serious one,” Binota insists.

“It can be solved pretty well. We have already managed to soften it somehow. “

Binotto denies Ferrari “a month ahead” from competitors in 2022

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