Cain Wheeler stops Ryan Adams in one round in Bethlehem

Photo by Daryl Bahamas

Keinel Wheeler stops Ryan Adams in one round in Bethlehem (Christian von Sponek) YouTube channel

Heinel Wheeler vs. Ryan Adams

Wind Creek Event Center in Bethlehem, USA – March 11, 2022

Heinel Wheeler it only took 82 seconds to stop Ryan Adams in a scheduled eight-round super-middleweight bout in front of a large crowd at The Wind Creek Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

The map with eight skirmishes was promoted by King’s Promotions.

Seconds after the bout Wheeler knocked down Adams with a hard hit. Adams did not fully regain his balance, as he was shaken by two more blows, and the fight was stopped at 1:22.

Wheeler, 167.3 pounds of Bethlehem – 7-1 with six knockouts. Adams, 165.6 pounds in St. Louis, Missouri, is 8-5-1.

Kenny Robles unanimous decision in eight rounds Naim Nelson in the junior middleweight bout.

Robles, 141 pounds from Staten Island, New York, won 80-72, 79-73 and 78-74 and is now 9-1. Nelson, 139.9 pounds of Philadelphia – is 14-6.

Jonathan Rodriguez won in six rounds by unanimous court decision Jose Flores Chavez in lightweight combat.

In the sixth round, Chavez was deprived of a point for holding. Rodriguez dominated the game and won 60-53 on all cards.

Rodriguez, 119.6 pounds of Bethlehem is now 10-1. Chavez, 118 Bach pounds, MEX 9-14.

James Bernadine stopped Kevin Asmat in the 6th and final round of their lightweight fight.

It was a hard scrap that was created the day before when Benadin pushed Asmat to the weigh-in. Bernadine prevailed, but Asmat had moments. In the sixth round, Bernadine made several heavy throws that forced the referee to stop at 2:52.

Bernadine, 135.7 pounds from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 6-0 with four knockouts. Asmat, 135.1 pounds of North Bergen, New Jersey, is 6-3.

Julian Gonzalez remained perfect when stopped Carlos Padilla at the end of the second round their six rounds of lightweight. Gonzalez beat Padilla, and the fight was stopped.

Gonzalez, 134.1 pounds in Reading, Pennsylvania, 6-0 with six knockouts. Padilla, 138.9 pounds Barranquilla, COL 17-11-1.

Leanna Cruz remained invincible from four rounds by unanimous court decision Angel Lopez in lightweight combat.

Cruz, 113.7 pounds from Allentown, Pennsylvania, won 40-36 and 39-37 twice and went 2-0. Lopez, 115.3 pounds from Tucson, Arizona, is 2-2.

Quadir Albright remained perfect with a stop in the 3rd round Antonio Vatel in a scheduled bout of six rounds among the juniors in the lightweight division.

In the first round, Albright landed a huge right that knocked Wattell off his feet and off the ring. Vatel was going to beat 20 referees Sean Clark. Wattell fought back in the third round. Albright threw Votel a hard combination in the head. Albright ended the bout with a vicious body combination that forced the referee to stop at 2:57.

Albright, 141.6 pounds from Philadelphia – 5-0 with five knockouts. Wattell, 140.6 pounds in Houston, Texas, is 3-6-2.

In an exciting battle of professional middleweight debutants, Tanjhe Tisli stopped Daniel Giles in the second round of their four-round fight.

Giles used his length early, but Tisley was able to make adjustments and go inside and beat Giles until the fight was stopped at 2:29.

Tisley, 147.4 pounds of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1-0 with one knockout. Giles, 147.5 pounds of Philadelphia – 0-1.

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Cain Wheeler stops Ryan Adams in one round in Bethlehem

Source link Cain Wheeler stops Ryan Adams in one round in Bethlehem