Chidambwa returns to mainstream football


Former Warriors coach Sunday Chidambwa has returned to mainstream football after being elected to Dynamo’s board of trustees.

The new board was elected by the club’s board of voters at a meeting on Saturday.

Chidambwa, who is one of the surviving senior former DeMbar players, was elected vice-president of the club, and Ernest Kamba, another former player, became chairman.

The elected council of ten members also includes Eric Ace as secretary and Cremio Mappumo as the new treasurer. David George, Moses Chunga, Clayton Munema, Lobani Kandy, McVinji Soma Peary and Ignatius Kapfunde complete the list.

The new management will seek to regain control of the club after accusing Bernardo Mario of fraud in acquiring a 51 percent stake after the deaths of most of the founding members.

Since then, the case has been referred to court for a decision.

Chidambwa returns to mainstream football

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