China plans to create a huge 450 GW of wind and sun in its deserts


China already dominates in the production of renewable energy. Its installed capacity about 895 GW in 2020 there were more than in the European Union, the US and Australia combined. And while the world as a whole is accelerating its transition to renewable energy, China is building up its power faster than anyone else.

Now, according to Reuters, the pipeline is a series of huge solar and wind projects that will increase its current capacity by almost half a terawatt.

“China is going to build the largest solar and wind power generation in the Gobi and Desert in history, at 450 GW,” said Hee Lifeng, director of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), on the sidelines of the exhibition. All-China People’s Congress on Saturday in Beijing.

About 100 GW of this new capacity is already under construction, adding 306 GW of solar power and 328 GW of wind power, which have already been installed by the end of 2021. Chinese President Xi Jinping has promised to gain wind and solar power of more than 1.2 terawatts by 2030 as part of the country’s plan to reach a peak in carbon emissions and start declining around the same time.

At this point, coal will continue to support China’s energy grids. While about 43.5 percent of the country’s total installed capacity – or more than terawatts until October last year – now renewable, interruption problems and power factors kept the percentage of actual energy produced by renewable energy sources close to 26 percent, with most of the rest of the energy running on coal. However, it is profitable compared to other major economies and it will continue to grow steadily as these huge planned resources will go online.

Source: Reuters

China plans to create a huge 450 GW of wind and sun in its deserts

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