Chrome OS keeps old laptops as Windows leaves the UK without apps


Again the weekend, which means it’s time for the next edition of “Winners and Losers”. This week the battle of operating systems with Chrome OS from Google became the winner and Windows 11 users are our losers.

It was not the most eventful week in technology. Samsung Galaxy S22 launch and the big February Nintendo Direct, which took place last week, making it a little quieter.

Three new smartphones were released this week – available at OnePlus Nord CE 2 and color change Realme 9 Pro and 9 Pro Plus. New headphones also came from the like Audio technology, Sony and B&Oand KEF unveiled its latest high-end kit Blade and Reference speakers.

Scroll down to find out who won our winners and losers this week and why …

Chromebook Chrome OS Flex

Winner: Google

Our winner is Google, which this week announced software that will turn your old Windows or macOS laptop into a Chromebook at no extra cost.

Chrome OS Flex gives users access to web applications and virtualization, fast download speeds, background system updates and built-in security protection, and has the same code base and release cadence as Chrome OS. Devices with cloud OS can even manage IT along with regular Chromebooks through the Google Admin Console.

The software is designed to bring new life to obsolete laptops in businesses and schools that might otherwise be thrown away. Not only can this save a lot of money, but it should also help reduce e-waste caused by the release of old technology. You can even use software to help donate old laptops to friends, family or organizations in need of devices.

Chrome OS Flex is not technically new. Google acquired Neverware, the company behind the software (then called CloudReady) in 2020, before turning into what it is today.

Chrome OS Flex launched a version of the software with early access this week, but a stable version (and bug-free) should be available in the coming months.

Windows 11

Loser: Windows users

We already recognized one operating system as our winner, so it was poetic to choose another as a player. Fortunately, Microsoft has made it easier its latest update to windows 11.

This week, the company announced the first major update to its Windows 11 since launching last October. However, one of the most exciting features will not actually be available in the UK.

The OS update includes a preview of the Amazon Appstore for Windows, which allows users to install Android apps on their PCs, with the first 1,000 apps released this week.

However, currently this app store is only supported in the US, which means that users from the UK will not be able to take advantage of it.

Not only that, but Microsoft originally assumed that the app store would be available to users from launch, which means it’s the second time the UK has faced disappointment in the department.

Microsoft has said it plans to share more information and expand the availability of the Amazon Appstore “later this year,” so we don’t hope to see the feature here any time soon, but hopefully the update won’t be too soon.

Chrome OS keeps old laptops as Windows leaves the UK without apps

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