Ex-Guilford County School Superintendent Richard Gene Martin Takes Undercover Photos of Juvenile Victims


GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Court documents shed new light on the multiple charges against former Guilford County Schools Faces Substitute Teacher.

Richard Gene Martin, 73, was arrested in May on multiple counts of indecent liberties, and in July and October more charges were filed, bringing the total to over two dozen separate counts. The officer working on the case said Martin had been sexually assaulting children “for years”.

Martin served as a substitute in the Guilford County School System from 2017 to 2022. The two incidents described in the warrants occurred in March and April 2022, and he has no longer been an active substitute at GCS since April.

At least six victims are detailed in the warrants, with two being students at Grimsley High School, one being a student at North Guilford High School and another being a student at Northwest Guilford High School.

The warrants allege that Martin secretly photographed and videotaped the minor girl while she was undressed, and provided her with marijuana. Martin is also accused of using a cell phone to secretly record video under the student’s clothing.

Several images of child pornography are also believed to have been found in Martin’s possession, although it is unclear whether they were made by Martin or otherwise obtained.


  • Indecent liberties with the children of a school official (May 10)
  • Indecent liberties with children (May 10)
  • Statutory Rape/Sex Offense (May 10)
  • Facilitating the commission of offenses by a minor (May 10)
  • Marijuana Conservation (May 10)
  • Home/Vehicle Maintenance for Controlled Substances (May 10)
  • Possession of a controlled substance (May 10)
  • Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia (May 10)
  • First Degree Rape (May 20)
  • Two facts of indecent liberties with children (May 20)
  • Four facts of secretly looking into the room where the woman was (July 8)
  • Two cases of sexual exploitation of minors in the third degree (July 8)
  • Peeking into the room where the female lives (July 28)
  • Two indecent liberties with children by school official (July 28)
  • Two facts of indecent liberties with children (October 7)
  • Two counts of second-degree attempted sexual assault (Oct. 7)
  • Indecent liberties with children (October 7)
  • Exploitation of a minor in the third degree (October 7)

His total bail is $2.12 million. He was denied a lower bond at a court hearing Monday.

Reaction to his arrest

Guilford County Schools released the following statement regarding Martin’s arrest in May:

“We are deeply troubled by this news and the appalling breach of trust, and we are providing all necessary resources to support the law enforcement investigation. We encourage anyone with additional information to get in touch. As always, our counselors are available for students who want support.”

Dr. Rebecca Kay, Chief of Staff, GCS

GCS officials say substitutes undergo the same vetting as full-time and part-time workers and are conducted by an outside provider. Before these charges, Martin’s record contained only traffic violations.

“I feel bad for the parents and kids who have to go through this, but I just hope Guilford County does better for our kids,” a neighbor of Martin’s, who did not want to be named, said in May.

Ex-Guilford County School Superintendent Richard Gene Martin Takes Undercover Photos of Juvenile Victims

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