Flying taxis can only be in two years for Singaporeans


We’ve all heard how close flying taxis can be over the years and even late last year we covered the BMW-based AirCar it is approaching production. However, now another company has signed an agreement under which in 2024 in the skies of Singapore take off real flying taxis.

This news comes from the German company Volocopter. Over the past few years, he has made progress in all kinds of electrified vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) technology, and is so confident in this upcoming taxi service that he has already started selling tickets.

However, today’s news should come with moderate excitement, as it is only a memorandum of understanding, which means that many more details need to be worked out before the flights.

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For one thing, Volocopter is still trying to figure out where it’s made his air taxi, VoloCity, will happen. Once the details are finally clarified, Volocopter hopes to become a major part of Seletar Aerospace Park, which is being built as Singapore’s aerospace hub.

The park is planned to have several ancillary facilities, including a vertiport terminal, airport facilities, and others to support research and development. If this is completed by a functional air taxi service, it will be a big step forward air taxi segment.

Christian Bauer, CEO of Volocopter, commented on the deal: “This memorandum of understanding marks a concrete step towards our commercial deployment in Singapore. We are grateful to our promising partners. combined with collaboration between industry partners, government agencies and regulators, will enhance Singapore’s position as a major aviation hub and AAM industry leader in the region ”.

Singapore has made a name for itself when it comes to technology, and the move seems right in State Lane. For its part, Volocopter is not just happy to move forward with this plan. They are also working to establish an unmanned aerial vehicle delivery service in Chengdu, China, and in the near future in Japan and South Korea.

Will it be Volocopter, which returns flying taxis to the sky, or another brand? Only time will tell.

Flying taxis can only be in two years for Singaporeans

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