Introducing … The Smart Way (Ford) Escape


Nowadays our cars are a necessity. For many of us getting to work, buying groceries and performing all our daily duties is facilitated by using our own car. But many of us also lack unlimited cash income, so we need to be smart and smart when deciding which car gets our hard-earned money. Fortunately, we also live in a day and age when options are many. More and more drivers are appreciating the benefits and peace of mind that can be found when buying a Certified Used Car (CPO). Those who want to combine this serenity with a fantastic vehicle known for its capabilities and versatility know how Certified Used Dealer Ford Escape to test the capabilities available to the Ford Escape CPO. Perhaps this is the most financial and profitable way to get rid of the stress of daily travel.

Everyone needs to escape

Unfortunately, the Ford Escape is not programmed for autonomous driving in a secluded paradise. However, if you want to skate, then Escape too. In order to qualify for Ford’s certified used car program, each car must be manufactured during the “current or five previous model years,” according to Ford. Luckily for SUV drivers, Escape got a major update in 2018 as well as complete redesign in 2020. While buying a used car of any kind means you are buying a used car, those who buy a CPO Escape will benefit from knowing that they are getting the freshest when it comes to updated design and technology.

So what makes Ford Escape so cool? After all, there are many SUVs to choose from. There are many reasons to prefer Escape. It has been designed with many safety features in mind, incorporates useful technology as part of its standard offerings, provides a comfortable ride and is available with a variety of powertrains, including a 2020 hybrid and plug-in hybrid version.

Depending on the year, finish and engine selected, Escape drivers can receive up to 65.4 cubic feet of cargo space and tow cargo up to 3,500 pounds. The Ford Co-Pilot360 driver assistance and safety package is also standard, and drivers can find all the bells and whistles that make everyday driving fun, such as Wi-Fi hotspots, Bang & Olufsen sound systems, heated leather seats or panoramic roof hatches. . It all depends on finding the model that best suits your needs. So while you’re not being taken away on a fantastic island, you can avoid the dead end of daily off-road travel that offers everything you can ask for.

Get the most out of your dollar with Ford’s certified used car program

The next question that arises in many drivers is, “What makes the CPO program so important?” Many drivers have learned that used cars are a great way to get all the luxury features they want, at a price that fits their budget. Today’s cars are designed to stay on the roads longer than ever, which means buying a used car in excellent condition with low mileage is a smart investment.

Historically, the best way to find a used car in excellent condition with low mileage is to hunt diligently in the used car market. Walking through sales ads and dealer websites can be a long and challenging task, and there is no guarantee that the car you are inspecting will be as great as its advertised advertisement – unless you buy from a certified dealer Ford with used. .

A certified used Ford is the least risky way to buy a used car. The difference is in the certification process. To receive a Ford manufacturer’s approval stamp, a gold-certified Ford must be no more than six model years old and may not have more than 80,000 miles. For each vehicle a history report is kept to make sure that it has received a clean title and does not hide any serious problems. In addition, each potential Ford CPO must pass a 172-point test by certified mechanics.

Unlike other manufacturers, Ford also has a second version of the Certified Use Program known as Blue Certified. A car certified Blue Blue can be up to ten years old and must have less than 120,000 miles. These models will receive a similar but slightly less intensive review on 139 points. So if you have an older Escape model or a model that has run quite a few miles, you will still be able to get it as a certified model.

Anything that does not meet the standards of the Ford certification process must be replaced with a new Ford Motorcraft part or an authorized remanufactured Ford part. Also, you don’t just believe the dealer at his word – you can request a copy of the car inspection checklist to find out exactly what the mechanic presented to the manufacturer in his report. Instead of endlessly looking for this not too old used car with low mileage and hoping that it is also in good condition, the Ford Certified Pre-Owned program sells you exactly the car you want and need.

Benefits of buying a Ford CPO Escape

And now “but wait – there’s more!” moment. In addition to being able to buy exactly the car you want and need, as well as the peace of mind of knowing that the small mileage of the Escape of the last model year you buy is as gorgeous as it looks on paper, Ford provides quite a few perks CPO buyers.

First of all it is a guarantee. Each gold-certified Ford Escape comes with a 12-month 12,000-mile limited warranty. From the expiration date of the new vehicle from bumper to bumper or from the date you purchased CPO Escape (whichever was later), this warranty covers mechanical damage to your engine, brakes, suspension, transmission, safety features and security. , and more. In addition, Ford also provides CPO drivers with a 7-year limited 100,000-mile transmission warranty that covers key features of your Escape, such as engine, transmission, axles, propeller shaft and more. Blue Certified cars also have a warranty, though not as great as the Gold Certified one. The Blue Certified Ford Escape will have a 90-day limited warranty of 4,000 miles.

Also included in the purchase of Certified used Ford Escape, Gold or Blue, is the protection of roadside assistance. Providing drivers with round-the-clock assistance in case of problems on the road, this coverage includes not only fuel and spare tires. Drivers can be reimbursed for travel expenses when they are away from home, the cost of covering other vehicles, and reimbursed for the cost of renting a car for up to five days if your Escape requires more complex repairs. This protection is valid for the duration of the limited transmission warranty for vehicles with a gold certificate or for the entire limited warranty period for options certified Blue Certified.

Warranty and roadside assistance features offer service at any Ford or Lincoln dealer in the US or Canada, which means assistance is just around the corner. In addition to sending you with style, each CPO Escape will have fresh wiper blades, brand new oil and filter, and a full tank of fuel so you can start your own escape.

The blue Ford Escape 2020 is shown in front, driving around the city.

Find your own escape

Nowadays, everyone is trying to make as many good decisions as possible for their money. For those on a tight budget and looking for a car that falls into their price range but doesn’t fail a few days after purchase, a certified used Ford can change the game. Not only will you get a fantastic car like the Ford Escape, but you also know that your car is just beginning its life. Add to that a bonus guarantee, as well as bonuses such as round-the-clock roadside assistance, and it becomes clear that there are many good reasons to shop from a certified Ford Escape dealer. Who knows, the money you save from buying CPO Escape can be the funding for your own magical vacation!

Introducing … The Smart Way (Ford) Escape

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