Kevin O’Connell advertises Kirk Casino’s natural accuracy


Vikings defender Kirk Cousins proved to be a very shrewd businessman. It’s also a pretty good pass, at least when the play unfolds as intended.

Visiting the village PFT Live at the Scout Factory, Viking coach Kevin O’Connell drew attention to the positive qualities of the Goats.

“I really believe that I tried to play quarterback in this league and ultimately failed to achieve that goal due to the fact that I was not accurate enough as a defender,” O’Connell said. “I think now that when I look at veteran defenders, rookie quarterbacks, I evaluate them throughout any process, it’s something that they have to be naturally accurate about. Kirk is. Kirk is one of the naturally accurate passes in this league. He doesn’t need to think about throwing the ball, being exactly where he wants to place the ball. He naturally does so in the rhythm and timing of any crime he has ever been in. It really was one of his traits that allowed him to succeed. ”

O’Connell sees other positives in the Casinos.

“I think he’s tough,” O’Connell said. “I think he’s strong. I think he is leading in his own way, which has really made him comfortable throughout his career as he has gained more experience and gone into a lot of different fights with a lot of teammates in different places. Watch him here with this band and if you really start to turn on the tape and look at the level of the defender he played at, it’s about him continuing to improve and keep him growing in the system we’re going to build for him and the rest our strikers, both ahead, are agile players. This is a really good group to work with. The sky is the limit to how much you want to play attack with the type of talent we have on this side of the ball. Kirk will be an important part of that. He is our defender. I feel very good that he is approaching the creation of something and participating in the creation of something that we want to become a crime here in Minnesota. “

It’s good that O’Connell believes so strongly in Goats. And O’Connell’s assessment is not necessarily invalid. But there is a ceiling on the Cousins. Year after year this ceiling is getting harder and harder. At some point, it’s not about what a guy can become. He became who he is.

That doesn’t mean Cousins ​​can’t win. But he, unlike the real defenders of the shortlist, needs more close to him. Ring protection, which he does not have now. Solid receivers and backbacks that he has. The line of attack that allows him to lead the so-called game, which he really needs.

Kevin O’Connell advertises Kirk Casino’s natural accuracy originally appeared on Talk about football

Kevin O’Connell advertises Kirk Casino’s natural accuracy

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