Live NC Coronavirus Updates: 1,800 New COVID Cases March 9



On March 9, North Carolina added more than 1,800 cases of coronavirus.


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More than 1,800 new cases

At least 2,604,971 cases of coronavirus it has been reported that in North Carolina, at least 22,864 people have died since March 2020, according to state health officials.

The NC Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday, March 9, reported 1833 new cases of COVID-19, compared to 894 the day before. Another 47 coronavirus-related deaths were added to the total.

As of March 9, at least 1,093 people had been hospitalized with COVID-19, including 209 adults being treated in intensive care units, health officials said. The number of patients decreased from 1177 the day before.

As of March 7, the latest date with information available, 3.9% of coronavirus tests were positive. Health officials say 5% or less is the target rate for slowing the spread of the virus.

Approximately 76% of adults in North Carolina have received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine, and about 71% are fully vaccinated. Of the state’s total population, about 61% are fully vaccinated and about 65% have received at least one dose. Government officials round up vaccination figures to an integer.

As of March 9, more than 3.1 million “additional / booster” doses had been administered in North Carolina, according to the Department of Health. Health officials have urged those eligible for the boost as data show it provides enhanced protection against the omicron coronavirus variant.

Almost all new cases of COVID-19 have been attributed across the country omicron option and him related “advice” as of March 5, the latest date on which data is available, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Live NC Coronavirus Updates: 1,800 New COVID Cases March 9

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