Mecklenburg and Union Counties Revisit Boundary Dispute


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A border battle is brewing again between Union and Mecklenburg counties. The Mecklenburg County Taxpayer told commissioners during Wednesday night’s commission meeting that Union County uses a different boundary. The issue was first raised in 2001, but was never resolved.

The controversy centers around 1,000 acres of land near the community of Shanamara off Idlewood Road. Commissioners questioned how much property tax revenue the county has lost over the past 20 years.

“Over the years, we could have lost so many thousands of dollars in property taxes,” said Susan Rodriguez-McDowell, District 6 Commissioner. “I mean, it’s shocking to me that it could have gone on this long,” Rodriguez said – McDowell.

One commissioner questioned whether the process was worth challenging the border.

“When it comes to Union County, there’s a bitter taste for a lot of people in Mecklenburg County,” said Wilma D. Leek, District 2 Commissioner. marriage First you need to get engaged. I’m waiting to see the ring first to see what they have to offer Mecklenburg County,” Leek said.

The tax operator informed the board of commissioners that the state’s latest report shows that if the land were to be exchanged, it would not move the needle much in terms of property tax losses or gains. If the commission begins to challenge the boundary, property values ​​may change for people who live in the surveyed area. Families may also have to change school districts. And jurisdiction can change for emergency calls.

Mecklenburg and Union Counties Revisit Boundary Dispute

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