Migno wins Moto3 ™ stunner with 0.037 sec


After the dominant leader Sasaki faced problems, the Italian restrained the punishment of Garcia for a narrow victory in the opening championship of Qatar

For the first time since the 2017 Italian Grand Prix, Andrea Migno (Rivacold Snipers Team) will be on the top step of the podium after winning the Moto3 ™ race at the Qatar Grand Prix. The Italian beat Sergio Garcia (Gaviota GASGAS Aspar) by just 0.037 seconds after fugitive race leader Ayumu Sasaki (Sterilgarda Max Racing Team) got a fairing problem on lap 11 when Kita Toba (CIP Green Power) fought off Denise Yonku (Red Bull KTM Tech3) for last place on the podium.

The pain in Sasaki’s heart sees that the victorious battle goes to the wire

Sasaki from Polesie got a great vacation when the lights went out in 2022. Haume Masia (Red Bull KTM Ajo) and Minho were in the top three early when Garcia collided with Carlos Tata (CFMoto Racing PrüstelGP) – the latter crashed on a turn 7.

For 15 laps to the end Sasaki increased the lead by 1.1 s. The Japanese rider was perfect in the first exchanges, as Izan Guevara (Gaviota GASGAS Aspar Team), Tatsuki Suzuki (Leopard Racing) and teammate Foggia completed the penalty on a long lap. Guevara was before P12, Foggia – P23, as Suzuki crashed on turn 16 in an incident involving Lorenzo Felon (SIC58 Squadra Corse) – Suzuki knocked out the Frenchman.

Garcia was fined for a long lap for the incident with Tata, which led him to P11 when Sasaki increased his lead to 1.4 s. 10 riders chased, but the quarrel did not help anyone except the race leader Sasaki. Toba, Minho, Onkyu and Masia were a quartet that fought in front of the chase, and when the clock went to 10 to the end, Sasaki held the lead at 2.7 seconds.

There were nine left, Guevara was P12 and Foggia was P13. Soon it was P11 and P12, when Masia took off undamaged at turn 12, when Toba flew inside – was there contact? It’s hard to say, but Massi’s race is over. Then suddenly Sasaki’s leadership diminished. Soon. On the 11th lap Sasaki lost more than two seconds, because then we saw why. The Sasaki fairing was loose after a close high on turn 6. From complete control to losing the lead in minutes, Migno quickly broke through.

Then there was the game to win, there were six rounds to go. Foggia and Guevara took 10th and 11th place, and now the group was leading only on the road, but they ended the lap. By the end of the minute, Minho was still in the lead with Garcia, Toba, Onku and John McPhee (Sterilgarda Max Racing Team), and newcomer Diogo Murray (MT Helmets – MSI) 0.5 seconds behind P6.

None of the racers could pass the fast Honda Migno using a slipstream, so a different tactic was needed. Garcia showed the wheel at turn 6 on the penultimate lap, but there was no travel. Last lap time. Garcia, Toba and Onku led Minho, McPhee retreated by 0.6 seconds. Garcia’s block passes Toby on turn 6 for P2, but it allowed Migno to have a bit of a break.

Everything has reached the last corner. Minho vs. Garcia. The latter threatened to move up from inside, but Minho closed the door. Then it was running to the line. Garcia tried, but Minho refrained to claim victory in Qatar. Garcia will be pleased with P2 after his penalty for a long lap as Toba kept Öncü for last place on the podium. 0.5 seconds covered the top four. Welcome back to Moto3 ™.

The scorers of Qatar – Foggia and Guevara earn the top 10

McPhee was just a second away from winning the P5 as he got off to a good start to his season with his new team. Moreira made a great trip to take the P6 in his first Moto3 ™ race, the Brazilian finishing 0.4 seconds ahead of Foggia with a tough charge. The Italian did his best after starting behind and two long laps, as did Hever after starting behind and one long lap. Saturday’s hero completed Qatar’s GP in P8.

Rivsey Yamanaka (MT Helmets – MSI) and Xavier Artigas (CFMoto Racing PrüstelGP) finished in the top 10, ahead of newcomer Ivan Artola (Angeluss MTA Team). Ricardo Rossi (SIC58 Squadra Corse), Stefan Nepp (Angeluss MTA Team), Adrian Fernandez (Red Bull KTM Tech3) and rookie Joel Kelso (CIP Green Power) were the last points.

British rookie Scott Ogden (VisionTrack Racing Team) stood out unscathed in the early stages.

Minho became the first winner of 2022 in lightweight five years after his triumph at Mugello. Next trip to Indonesia!

Top 10:
1. Andrea Minho (Rivacold Sniper Team)
2. Sergio Garcia (Team Gaviota GASGAS Aspar) + 0.037
3. Kaito Toba (CIP Green Power) + 0.573
4. Denise Entz (Red Bull KTM Tech3) + 0.594
5. John McPhee (Sterilgarda Max Racing Team) + 1.064
6. Diogo Moreira (MT Helmets – MSI) + 1,481
7. Dennis Foggia (Leopard Racing) + 1,951
8. Isan Guevara (Gaviota GASGAS Aspar Team) + 2,545
9. Rusei Yamanaka (MT Helmets – MSI) + 2,742
10. Xavier Artigas (CFMoto Racing PrüstelGP) + 6,055

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Migno wins Moto3 ™ stunner with 0.037 sec

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