NC bill bans treatment of transgender minors


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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina has joined a growing list of states considering banning gender-bending medical procedures for transgender minors.

A account Filed late Wednesday in the state House of Representatives, it would ban hormone treatments and surgeries for those under 18 and make it illegal for health care providers to help a minor “present or appear in a form that does not match the minor’s sex.”

Doctors will be prohibited from surgically removing any healthy or “non-diseased” body parts or tissue. Those who violate the proposed restriction could lose their licenses and face fines of up to $1,000 for each violation.

The bill provides an exception for children born with ambiguous gender characteristics.

A similar law was introduced in the last session did not advance.

North Carolina Republicans extended their lead in the November election, but fell one seat short of a supermajority in the veto-wielding General Assembly. Democratic Governor Roy Cooper said after the election that he would keep advocating for trans residents.

The proposal comes against the background of a nationwide wave of legislation targeting trans youth, their parents and gender-affirming health care providers. At least 88 bills aimed at limiting gender-affirming custody of minors or young adults have been introduced in 26 states, with Utah becomes the first state last month to introduce a ban in 2023.

NC bill bans treatment of transgender minors

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