NC is among the worst states for paying drivers who pay


GREENVILLE, NC ( – Working as a delivery driver can take many forms.

Those who prefer rural areas can choose a job by harvesting from farms and taking them to markets around their states and beyond. Suburban drivers can work in a delivery service that primarily delivers packages to companies and people’s homes. And those who live in dense urban conditions can think about working in the field of food delivery, bringing food from restaurants to people’s homes and offices.

No matter what type of delivery drivers carry, wages for their work will vary greatly in the United States. However, as of mid-2021, a serious shortage of drivers, especially in trucking, is causing problems in supply chains across the country, and workers may be able to see wage growth due to the tight supply of their workforce.

Scheme used data from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to rank the states with the highest paid drivers by estimated average annual wages, including statistics on the total number of drivers employed in the state. Data were taken from three specific occupations by BLS categories: drivers / trade workers, heavy truck and tractor drivers and light truck drivers. Delaware employment data does not include estimates of drivers / sales staff. 3,162,630 Americans work in the country, the average hourly wage is $ 19.08 and the average annual salary is $ 39,689.

See the stats below to find out how much shipping drivers earn in your state, or click on national history to see how much delivery drivers earn in all 50 states and Washington

North Carolina in numbers

– Average annual salary: $ 36,487
– Average hourly wage: $ 17.54
– Total employment: 105,650 people

North Carolina is dominated by logging and the sawmill industry. The pandemic saw Fr. lack of truck drivers in these areas, which could lead to wage growth.

Keep reading to see which states are the most and least profitable for delivery drivers.

The states where suppliers get the most

№1. Alaska: Average Annual Wage $ 48,893 (Average Hourly Wage $ 23.50)
№ 2. Washington: Average Annual Wage $ 46,173 (Average Hourly Wage $ 22.20)
№3. Massachusetts: Average Annual Wage $ 45,373 (Average Hourly Wage $ 21.81)

States where delivery drivers earn the least

№1. Mississippi: Average Annual Wage $ 35,653 (Average Hourly Wage $ 17.14)
№ 2. South Carolina: Average Annual Wage $ 35,833 (Average Hourly Wage $ 17.23)
№3. Florida: Average Annual Wage $ 36,323 (Average Hourly Wage $ 17.47)

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NC is among the worst states for paying drivers who pay

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