NEW DETAILS: Disgraced former NK police chief arrested after imitating his own death


CHEDBOURNE, NC (WECT) – Anthony Spivey, a former Chadburn police chief who was the target of a missing person along the Lambert River this week, was arrested in Hora County, South Carolina, early Thursday morning.

According to Columbus County Sheriff Jodie Green, Spivey was at his aunt’s residence in a residential complex on Watson Heritage Road in Loris, Carl. A report of the incident said he was trying to hide, submerged in a creek behind the apartment when authorities spotted him. Spivey escaped from the authorities but was taken into custody after a brief chase and fight at around 00:45

Spivey’s aunt, Brenda Rowell, disputes allegations that she sheltered the fugitive. She said she did not know her nephew missed the trial earlier in the week. Rowell said he called her Sunday night saying he had a marriage problem and considered suicide. She said she told him not to kill himself and said he could stay with her for a couple of nights. She said she was shocked when authorities came to her apartment on Thursday morning looking for him.

“I have been told various stories, but I know and will say that he is not an addict, as they say. Columbus County police officers are treating him wrong, ”Rowell said of her nephew’s legal problems.

Spivey, who is currently at the center of J.’s detention. Rubena, in the county of Chora, has 40 outstanding non-attendance warrants totaling $ 1 million. He faces dozens of criminal charges after being arrested in April 2021 on charges of repeated raids in the Chadburn Police Department’s evidence room and theft of various drugs, thousands of dollars in cash and firearms. In June 2021, Spivey was accused of embezzling $ 8,000 intended for a family whose child died after battling leukemia.

In August, Sleepy managed to post bail of $ 500,000 to get out of jail pending trial on the charges, despite efforts by Columbus County Attorney General John David to keep him behind bars. Some suspected that Spivey was related to a lieutenant who took him out of jail because they had the same last name, but the owner of the bail company told WECT that, as far as she knew, there was no blood relationship, and that was standard. transaction.

Following the rapprochement, Spivey was arrested again on charges of stealing catalytic converters from a car repair shop in Tabar City in January 2022. The store hired him as a mechanic after he was fired from the police. Court documents show that on February 4, the provincial office again lobbied for an increase or cancellation of Spivey bonds, noting that it “poses a threat to society.”

David also filed a Nebbia petition, which is used to prevent defendants from using illicit proceeds to place bonds. He was concerned that Spivey may have used the stolen money to get out of jail, but the judge ruled that Spivey’s use of bail offset those fears.

Spyvy missed a court appearance earlier this month, telling the court through his attorney that he could not attend because he had COVID. When he missed another appearance in court on Monday, his lawyer said Judge Spivey was missing and may have committed suicide.

The CCSO says he was contacted Monday by North Carolina wildlife officials about an abandoned boat located on the Lambert River near the Sandhills Hunting Club. Wildlife officials were told that Spivey was last seen driving a truck found at the site and that the boat belonged to him.

“Deputies arrived at the scene, as well as sheriff’s investigative departments and special operations units, including people tracking and diving units,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. “When the sheriff’s office began surveying the area, investigators spoke with Spivey’s friends and family who were at the scene. Investigators began gathering evidence. Family members called the incident a possible suicide. “

At the scene, investigators collected handwritten letters along with the boat, which contained a 22-caliber rifle, which was still unloaded cartridge.

“Investigators quickly concluded that the evidence gathered did not support the suicide scenario,” the press release said. “However, as Spivey is still missing, diving crews were looking for water, and surveillance teams were looking for Spivey in the woods. Search and rescue teams conducted the search for three days, including several agencies that helped with air coverage, sniffing K9 and sonar. Meanwhile, investigators are conducting a separate investigation.

“As investigators collected video from surveillance systems and conducted surveys, it became even more apparent that the scene on the river was staged.”

While search teams combed the river in search of Spieve’s body, U.S. marshals and agents of the State Bureau of Investigation searched for witnesses that he was still alive. David informed the court that due to unusual circumstances they should allow Spivey to stage his disappearance.

Authorities said Wednesday that Spyvy was hiding at his aunt’s residence in Lorries, South Carolina, and a judge ordered him not to be arrested.

After Spivey was detained Thursday morning, District Attorney John David sent extradition documents to Horry County to get Spivey back to North Carolina. If Spivey refuses to extradite, David said it will be no earlier than Friday before he is remanded in custody.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office says the investigation is ongoing and additional charges and arrests are possible. On Friday at 2 pm they plan to hold a joint press conference with the district attorney

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NEW DETAILS: Disgraced former NK police chief arrested after imitating his own death

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