Omar Cooper’s news is not good for Denver Broncos


It is reported that “Dallas Cowboys” will soon exchange or release Omar Cooper. This news is not very good for Denver Broncos.

According to Adam Schaeffer of ESPN, the Dallas Cowboys are expected to release broadcaster Omar Cooper as he plans to shell out $ 20 million against the 2022 wage cap.

Although this news does not seem to affect Denver Broncos directly, it may still be bad news for them.

The situation with Amari Cooper could affect the Denver Broncos

During his seven-year career in the NFL Amari Cooper is an average of 1,000 yards and seven landings per year. He’s participated in the Pro Bowl four times, and while he doesn’t get the same fanfare as other receivers in the NFL, he’s a great and well-versed receiver who knows how to open up, can play in space and makes his defender’s life easier.

That’s just it Denver Broncas you need to join a team like the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers or Las Vegas Raiders, in the 2022 offseason.

Although each team in the AFC West has different needs that are sent to the NFL 2022 Free Agency, a wide receiver is at or at the top of the list for these three teams.

There is no guarantee that Cooper will join AFC West when and if he is released by the Dallas Cowboys, but that would certainly make a lot of sense.

The Los Angeles Chargers are expected to be aggressive in the free agency, and one of their main receivers – Mike Williams – plans to get a free agency. Can they sign Cooper to replace Williams? Could they sign both and keep Keenan Allen in the slot full time?

What about the new look of Las Vegas Raiders? Sure, Cooper was once traded by raiders, but that was then and now. The Raiders are under new leadership, led by Dave Ziegler and Josh McDeniels, and perhaps Cooper is ready to leave the past in the past if he enjoyed playing with Derek Carr.

It seems Kansas City executives are always finding ways to take steps higher than imaginary means. Can they follow Cooper in the 2022 off-season after failing to add receivers in previous years, such as Ju Ju Smith-Schuster in 2021?

I think it’s a high probability that only makes the work of “Denver Broncos” even more challenging.

Teams in the West AFC, other than Denver, for the most part, have established themselves and established the positions of defenders. Not all of them have the same financial flexibility, but Chargers has plenty of room for caps, and Justin Herbert makes a deal for a newcomer.

They also didn’t make the playoffs in Herbert’s first two seasons, so they have every reason to be aggressive and not meet the status quo.

It will be a competitive off-season across West AFC, and a player like Omar Cooper could easily fit into one of the teams Denver has to fight against.

Omar Cooper’s news is not good for Denver Broncos

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