Paramount Plus is designed for summer in the UK


Paramount Plus streaming video service was expected to arrive on our shores in early 2022 via The skyand now there is a more precise date of its release in the UK.

From a call from Global Investor the company received news that Paramount Plus will launch in the summer of 2022 in the UK. Although no specific date has been named, the discussed launch is part of the extension of Paramount Plus to countries outside the US.

Its current price is $ 9.99 per month for ad-free content or $ 4.99 per month with ad-supported content. It is joining an increasing number of streaming video services fighting for a position in a market that is becoming very crowded.

Paramount Plus extension map

Also during the call, more programs for the Paramount streaming service were announced. These include the live series that follows Idris Elba’s Knuckles (from the films “Sonic the Hedgehog”), the live action movie “Dora the Explorer”: two films in South Park a year for the next seven years (!), The series Halo , a reboot from the 2010 werewolf drama Wolf (starring most of the original actors), as well as UK-specific content that includes a prequel to “The Sex Beast” and an adaptation of Amor Towles ’bestselling novel“ Gentleman ”in Gentleman. The films will hit the platform as soon as they finish showing in cinemas, for example, the upcoming films “Quiet Place”, “Transformers” and “Ninja Turtles”.

For fans, Star Trek Paramount Plus is also likely to be a new home for Star Trek: Discovery, which was removed from Netflix in late 2021. What this will mean for the Star Trek series: Picard, the second series coming out in March, remains unknown; as is the case with content licensed by other broadcasters in the UK such as Dexter: New Blood.

It will be another streaming service to pay for, and we suspect they will be big losers in this constant and seemingly endless battle for the eyeballs of consumers.

Please stop broadcasting the video on the carousel, I want to leave

Since customers have been drawn to Netflix and Prime Video for years, it’s no surprise that film studios are keen to participate in the promotion. The pandemic has only accelerated a move that has been on the cards for years.

But there’s such a thing as too much, and launching Paramount Plus is another service you can add to the many already available. The market has moved from two or three basic options to more than I can count, and with the fact that people’s wallets are already stretched and streaming services are rising in price, there will be big losses.

The question of whether we really need another streaming service is correct, as new entrants only make the market more saturated and segmented, content is transferred to exclusive services, and it is much harder to be aware of everything available for viewing.

What is most disappointing in the Plus news is the lack of genuine “original” content. Sonic’s spin-offs, more films in South Park, another series of Wolves – the revival of the TV reboot based on the film of the 80’s, a prequel to The Sexual Monster (a 20-year-old film) were announced. The market is fast becoming all the same old: reboots, sequels, requels, prequels, revivals and spin-offs. This programming is most prone to risk, and if Plus starts slow, it may not recover.

Paramount Plus is designed for summer in the UK

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