Rogers stays and Wilson leaves. What does this mean for cousins ​​and Vikings?


Is Kirk Cousins ​​too good to get rid of, or not good enough to keep him around?

Well, um, ah, … yes.

Welcome to Kirk Konundrum, Vikings general manager Kwesie Adafo-Mensa and coach Kevin O’Connell. It has destroyed the guys that were in front of you, and is the most important maze that you two must successfully maneuver before the results on the field begin to replace the perfect press conferences.

The landscape for NFL defenders changed dramatically again on Tuesday, reportedly sending Russell Wilson from Seattle to Denverkeeping Aaron Rogers is in Green Bay as the highest paid player in NFL historyand makes Purple Nation wonder if maybe Cousins ​​is now moving to the forefront of quarterbacks in the shopping block a week after the league’s new year.

Jimmy Garopolo certainly has no long-term future in San Francisco. The 49ers will change it at some point this offseason as they move to Trey Lance, but probably not any time soon, as Garapalo underwent shoulder surgery on Tuesday. He is expected to be ready for training camp, but potential grooms will want to wait and see.

In Garopolo there is no talent or statistics of the Casinos. However, he has a record of 37-16, two trips to the NFC title game and an appearance in the Super Cup. At the same time, Cousins ​​has an average career record of 59-59-2, one win in the playoffs and, oh yes, that salary limit of $ 45 million, which is less than ideal for a team that is tied to a cap. which reboots with lots of holes to fill and a natural reluctance to cling to another multi-year deal with the defender.

Six months ago, 15 teams opened the 2021 season with new defenders. A month ago one of those teams, Rams, won by winning the LVI Super Cup with Matthew Stafford.

The League of Copies has taken note. Feeling it was just one defender from the Lombardi Trophy, Denver first followed Rogers and eventually got another one-time Super Bowl winner in Wilson. Other teams, such as Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay, can follow.

To acquire 33-year-old Wilson, Denver has agreed to pay two first-round picks, two second-round picks, a fifth-round player, quarterback Drew Locke, defensive shelter Shelby Harris and night-time Noah Fanta. It came a year after the Rams acquired the then 33-year-old Stafford for two first-round choices, a third-round pick and quarterback Jared Goff.

Trading 33-year-old Cousins ​​will not bring almost as much. Yes, Stafford had a losing record and a 0-3 playoff mark in Detroit, but his fussiness and leadership intangibles are more valued than Cousins.

Then the double question arises, what would it take the Vikings to part with the Goats, and which of the more convenient options could they provide as a short-term bridge in the quarterback?

In a year, several teams will be looking for defenders the draft class is considered weak. Carolina, Houston, Washington and perhaps the Giants are among the teams still looking for answers to the position.

Dashon Watson of Houston is certainly a wild card. He would be the most talented player available through the trade, but he is currently also taking on 22 civil lawsuits about sexual abuse and ongoing investigations by police and the NFL.

As for the available short-term quarterback options in the free agency, there is a former common choice № 1 James Winston, who returned to attendance after getting a PKS break in the 8th week of last year; former No. 2 overall Marcus Mariotto, who has spent the last two seasons as an underutilized backup in Vegas; former No. 2 overall Mitchell Trubiski, who spent a year as a backup at Buffalo after 25-13 became a starting lineup at Chicago; and former first-round pick “Vikings” Teddy Bridgewater, who passed last year in Denver with a score of 7-7.

No offense to old friend Teddy B., but Tuesday’s “Broncos” got a lot better when they became the last NFL team to swing a fence at a quarterback.

However, Denver did not become the biggest winner on Tuesday. This distinction belongs to Green Bay.

Packers have allowed calmer heads to prevail, towering over a calendar year of thoughtful and veiled threats by Rogers. Knowing how good they are, the Packers simply rewarded the best player in the league while creating a limit to pay the best host in the league (Davante Adams) and gives the new Viking regime little room for error when it comes to figuring out whether Cousins ​​is too good to get rid of him or not good enough to keep him close.

Rogers stays and Wilson leaves. What does this mean for cousins ​​and Vikings?

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