See a snapshot of the OnePlus 10 Pro in YouTuber’s bending test


Recently introduced OnePlus 10 Pro comes with some strong features but not such a strong construction, in appearance.

Zach Nelson, the guy behind the hit YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, this week subjected the 6.7-inch OnePlus 10 Pro to its usual battery of stress tests. Until it was torn in half.


The Nelson bend test isn’t particularly scientific, as it simply puts your thumbs on the back of the device and your fingers on the display before pressing hard. If it stays whole, it bends it the other way.

“If you ever hear sounds during this part of the video, it’s usually bad,” YouTuber says when you put your thumbs and thumbs in position before the big push.

When he presses hard, you hear a terrible crunch, because the glass on the back of the device cracks in several places. It then flips the OnePlus 10 Pro and pushes in the opposite direction. I can’t take it anymore, it breaks into two parts.

“OnePlus 10 Pro is definitely no longer alive,” Nelson confirms, although looking at the sad state of the phone, he really didn’t need it.

You can see the rupture of the phone in the video below …

Wanting to find out why the phone broke in this way, Nelson removes the back of the broken tube to examine more closely.

We learned that it applied the most pressure to the top edge of the battery, which is compatible with the volume button, creating a weak spot. The metallic look “much thinner than I expected” also seems to have affected the structural integrity of the phone.

We should note that if you’re not particularly clumsy, the OnePlus 10 Pro will likely stay intact if you decide to buy it. Nelson was just curious to see how well the device could handle his rather extreme bending test.

Nelson’s own opinion? “If the OnePlus 10 Pro stays in the front pocket, it will serve perfectly for three to seven years, but in the back pocket or any abnormal abuse could well cause the 10 Pro much earlier than it should be.”

Although phones rarely pass Nelson’s bending test in such a dramatic way, other mobile devices have been facing the controversy of bending for years. Apple, for example, was passed through the squeezer in 2014 for the unexpected flexibility of the iPhone 6, while the 2018 iPad Pro also faced criticism after some users claimed it bends over time, though Apple said some units are shipped like this and that it was not the fault (actually Nelson broke that devicealso).

Digital Trends has asked OnePlus to comment on the structural integrity of its latest phone, and we’ll update this article when we get a response.

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See a snapshot of the OnePlus 10 Pro in YouTuber’s bending test

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