Slade Bolden ran the slowest 40 times among the WR


Slade Bolden of Alabama needs to catch up.

Slade Bolden wants to make money after four years Alabama football, but the receiver needs to shine with the rest of the drills. He ran a 4.66 official time at 40 yards. This was good for the slot receiver, but it still ran the slowest of all receivers. More than 30 receivers took part in the exercise.

According to Sports Guide, since 2000, only 20 receivers have shown the worst times in the NFL. A striking example is Chris Carter and Ankuon Boldin.

Also, Bolden doesn’t win with speed. He is a bright receiver who uses his change of direction and awareness to make plays. He will never be a straight line receiver in the NFL, but he can still be effective in the slot.

Alabama Football Slade Bolden will seek to increase his stock with the rest of the workouts. He can show his dexterity in a short boat and drill with three cones, and he will be more likely to engage in reception for a week. Regardless, he also has a chance to increase his stock through Tide’s Pro Day.

After all, Slade Bolden has a low ceiling. Everyone knew this even before he reached his 40th. He would not be taken in the first two days of the NFL draft and he could be left without a draft. He will need to improve as a returnee to prove himself in special teams. This will give him a chance to stay on the NFL list and he can grow from there.

Bolden was the only football receiver in Alabama to pass a sports test. Both Jameson Williams and John Swords are recovering from PKS injuries this season, so their conscription process has been more rehabilitative than anything else. We will see in a few months where they will go.

Slade Bolden ran the slowest 40 times among the WR

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