Spotify’s Car Thing is now available to everyone for $ 90


If you’ve noticed Spotify’s very limited release of its Car Thing music player and thought it might be a good addition to your car, we have some good news: it’s no longer exclusive by invitation. If you live in the US and have Spotify Premium bill and $ 90, by burning a hole in your pocket, you can take one of these devices for yourself.

As a quick refreshment, The automotive thing it is a device designed to make it much easier to navigate and play audio from Spotify in your car. Car Thing does not offer any features that you cannot get through your phone or infotainment system (if it has Apple CarPlay or Android Auto), but if you are one of the many people who do not want to use or not use ) one of these options, Car Thing – is a convenience for $ 90.


Using a combination of a four-inch touch screen, a large jogging wheel, set favorite buttons and voice commands, Car Thing gives you plenty of ways to get to the content you want to listen to without relying on your phone. Unfortunately, you can’t completely give up the phone – Car Thing requires an internet connection for streaming – so it’s not a true standalone device.

You connect Car Thing to your phone via Bluetooth, and for a truly wireless experience you can connect Car Thing via Bluetooth to your car’s audio system. Wired connections are also supported if your car does not support Bluetooth.

Spotify says it gathered valuable information during the limited edition of Car Thing. It claims that Car Thing users played more music from Spotify while in their cars, and that users found it easier to access this content thanks to the Car Thing interface, which is what Spotify intended to do with the device, so the mission was accomplished.

But Spotify has also made it clear that the development of the gadget is not yet complete. In a blog post, he describes several new ideas he’s working on: “Night mode, which lowers the screen brightness in the evening, and the“ Add to Queue ”command. Hardly strong, but it’s nice to see that the company is actively working to make the device more useful. After all, Car Thing doesn’t work with anyone else streaming servicesso at least it has to be a weird Spotify accessory to justify the $ 90 price tag.

Soon we should get the car for consideration and we will be able to give you our thoughts on whether it will be well spent $ 90 or not.

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Spotify’s Car Thing is now available to everyone for $ 90

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