Steam Deck 2 has already been confirmed – that’s what Valve thinks


The Steam Deck just coming out of the gate, but Valve is already planning a successor and has confirmed that Steam Deck 2 will take place.

With Steam Deck equipment to the first consumers on the weekend PC games The giant has hinted that initial reviews are already announcing their plans for the next-generation model.

In an interview with Edge Magazine (through wccftech) Valve founder Gabe Newell said consumers are already looking for a better version of the first major portable gaming PC. Newell said the company was surprised that the most expensive models still proved to be the best sellers.

He said: “We thought the entrance price would be the most important factor [for Deck’s success] but it turns out that not the most popular SKU – the most expensive. This is an example of what we are a little surprised by what our customers tell us. They basically say, “We’d like an even more expensive version of this,” in terms of horsepower capabilities or anything else. You know, that’s why we always love to get and send something. Because we learn a lot from it, and it helps us think about Steam Deck 2. ”

Such sentiments were echoed by Valve designer Greg Kumer in an interview Axios. He said the company could offer an upgrade model with “monolithic upgrades”. He added: “We do not have a fully smoothed plan for the cadence of equipment upgrades.”

What can Steam Deck 2 do to further boost supply? Well, Newell said, the best support for virtual reality applications is on the agenda. He calls the current device a “stepping stone” to the possibility that high-quality VR experiences can be portable with Steam Deck.

He added: “One of the things Deck presents is high-performance horsepower with batteries that you can eventually also use in VR applications. You can take a PC and build something that is much more portable. We are not there yet, but it is a step. “

At the same time, Valve has a lot of things to work on with the current model. Reports of joystick drift will not be welcomed, although a fix appears to have been introduced. In addition, the company has checked the compatibility of only about 1/50 of the games available in the Steam Store.

It also deals with reports that Bungie is banning Destiny 2 players who have been caught playing on Steam Deck, while major titles such as Fortnite cannot be played on the device. However, this is an exciting time for PC gamers who can finally get maximum flexibility when playing their favorites.

Steam Deck 2 has already been confirmed – that’s what Valve thinks

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