The barbers at the Ivy League in Wilmington are making NFL history

Greg Slater caught Cowboys kicker Britt Maher’s record 4th fumble

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – At 7890 Market Street in Wilmington sits a piece of NFL history.

“We had a great time,” Greg Slater said. “We had 9 guys in different cars going to different places. It was just a great time.”

A group of friends from Ivey League Barber decided to make the 1,000 mile trip to Florida to see 2 different NFL games this past weekend. They stopped at the sights, gave some people their first Buccee experience, and then watched 8 quarters of professional playoff football. They have worked together for years, but this was their first time traveling together to a professional football game.

“It was a fun experience for all of us,” Tyler Ivey said. “For us to be able to go out and do something as a group, it was a really big bonding moment. We treat it like family. Only two of us are related, but we all act like a family, doing things outside the bus stop. We invited customers, everyone just had fun.”

“We spent a lot of money at Seminole Casino on hard rock,” Shane Vacchi said. “We had a great experience.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars hosted the Los Angeles Chargers on Saturday. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers then host the Dallas Cowboys on Monday.

Ivey owns season tickets to the Bucks and some of the staff are Tom Brady fans. Vaci was one of those Brady fans, originally when he was in New England and still with him at Tampa Bay. It was the first time he had personally seen the quarterback live.

“I respect (Brady) for (leaving New England). Belichick was the problem. Let’s leave it there.”

The Jacksonville game was just another must-see game. Little did anyone know they would witness one of the greatest postseason comebacks in NFL history.

The Chargers blew a 27-point lead before losing 31-30, ironically, on a game-winning field goal.

“I thought it was incredible,” Tyler Ivey said. “Seeing that and then the Tampa game, the story went both ways.”

But on Saturday in Jacksonville, they witnessed only history. Monday in Tampa, they were a part of it.

“That was the moment you knew it was going to happen.”

The group sat in the endzone where Dallas kicker Brett Maher attempted PATs after the Cowboys’ touchdown. Maher missed his first 4 points after a touchdown, an NFL record.

Since Slater had been missing all along, he knew the stakes.

“In Game 4, I was like, ‘If I catch that ball, I’m going to hide it, nobody’s going to be able to take it away from me.’ I knew that this was something that would probably never happen again in history.” After he missed the 4th shot, the ball was a free for all. Slater played high school football at Whiteville and was named the 1995 Sportsman of the Year. The moment was for him:

“It hit a couple of people to my right and I bent down and just fingered it and got it back and caught it.”

“So when I played high school ball, I never missed a pass. When it was close to me, I caught it.’

They safely delivered the ball from the stadium to their brother’s car. It is now in a cupboard in the shop. They have plans to notify the NFL Hall of Fame, but for now he’s staying in Wilmington.

The barbers at the Ivy League in Wilmington are making NFL history

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