The Broncos must keep an eye on the situation with Kailer Murray


Denver Broncos are looking for a long-term quarterback option, and suddenly Kyler Murray could become an option in that debate.

Lately it has been come to light that there seems to be a small gap between Kyler Murray and the friend office of the Arizona Cardinals. Much of this seems to stem from the Los Angeles Rams ’awkward loss in the Wild Card playoff round, a tough ending after the team started the season 7-0.

Murray also cleared his social media accounts of any mention of the cardinals, which is when most of these talks began.

Keiler Murray was overall No. 1 in the 2019 NFL Draft

So should Denver Broncos be in Murray? Obviously, yes.

“Broncos” should be involved in every available quarterback this offseason, and since this isn’t the strongest draft we’ve seen in this position, every veteran passer should be considered by general manager George Patton.

However, Murray would not be cheap.

Price for Aaron Rogers can be high after a Green Bay Packers pass just won awards for the League’s most valuable player, but that price could have been even higher for Murray given his youth.

Murray is only 24 years old, and his resume is already quite impressive.

After winning the Heisman Trophy in Oklahoma in 2018, he became the rookie of the year in the NFL in the 2019 offensive games. He has also been selected in the last two Pro Bowl lists.

The concern around him has always been around his height (5 feet 10, 207 pounds), but he got a job in Arizona for the first three years in the league.

He was also available, playing in 46 of the possible 48 regular season games along with one playoff game.

In those three years, Murray has thrown more than 11,000 yards into the air with 70 landings and 34 interceptions. He has a QB rating of 93.9, performing just under 67 percent of his throws. But where Murray is becoming a premium option is in the running game.

A true defender of the double threat, Murray rushed for 1,786 yards and another 20, yes 20 landings on the ground.

It is likely that Murray and the Cardinals are patching everything up. But it won’t hurt to call and see if the team is ready to part with him and what that price tag looks like.

Paton must watch this situation.

The Broncos must keep an eye on the situation with Kailer Murray

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