The man runs a car rental service in his house – and his neighbors are upset


During the pandemic, many people had to change their livelihoods, and we all heard about the big resignation, so it’s a little weird to hear about the whole neighborhood being upset by one guy and his business. Of course, this does not include hitting the keyboard in the home office or selling hand-painted figurines from the basement. No, he’s running car rental business from his home.

You may be wondering what kind of house it is. If he uses a 10,000-square-foot (929-square-foot) mansion, then why is this a story at all? And if it works with a four-plex with one dedicated parking space, then he is clearly wrong. Instead of one extreme or another, Joseph Rabinowitz, owner of Take It EZ LLC in question, owns a single-family home of 1,500 square feet (139 square meters) in Hollywood, Florida.

From this house he rents a variety of vehicles, including a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevrolet Corvette, and the Tesla couple too. What’s even more interesting is that he rents it all out at pretty reasonable prices. The Jeep costs just $ 75, while the Corvette costs $ 125, and Teslas has split the difference by $ 99.

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These are low prices for such a precious metal. And these are the same prices that drove so many businesses into Rabinovich’s house that the neighbors are angry. Tim Flasher, a resident of the area told local 10 news “We deal with Airbnb everywhere, it’s hard to live here, everything has changed since 1970 … Now we have a car rental point. What’s next? My house is for sale now. I’m done with it. “

Flasher says he noticed the business because of the heavy traffic on the street and the fact that he often sees cars being washed. “Well, there was a lot of traffic in the area and on the street, and I noticed they were washing cars, three or four at a time, on the roadway and at home,” he said.

Surprisingly, when Rabinowitz faced this situation in Local 10 News, Rabinowitz denied any knowledge of the business, saying, “What kind of car rental business? I’m not doing that. ” while actively cleaning Jeep Grand Cherokee mentioned earlier. Florida, a state known to be weak when it comes to violating the freedoms of its citizens, recently passed a law that restricts local governments, such as Hollywood, from regulating home businesses. I wonder how Mr. Flasher relates to this law.

Merit leading image: local 10 news on YouTube

The man runs a car rental service in his house – and his neighbors are upset

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