The most popular cars in America by state in 2021


Edmunds has published its data on the best-selling cars in the US by state. Not surprisingly, the best-selling car in America, the Ford F-150, showed the best results in most states, but not everyone loves pickups the best.

All eight different cars topped the charts of best-selling cars in individual states: Ford F-Series (19), Ram 1500/2500/3500 (10), Chevrolet Silverado (8), Toyota RAV4 (5), Honda CR-V (5), Toyota Tacoma (1), Honda Civic (1), and Toyota Corolla 1).

The figures were based on collected data, which included only retail sales of new cars and did not include sales for rent or registration from government agencies.

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The results paint an interesting picture, with the popularity of vehicles being somewhat regional. Midwest residents prefer pickups with the Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado leading in the area. Southerners were also fans of pickups, while all of Alaska’s five best-selling cars were trucks.

New England, meanwhile, loves it Toyota RAV4, while other northeastern states prefer the CR-V. Interestingly, the sunny states still like the compact sedan: the Civic claims first place in California, and the Corolla – in the charts in Florida. What’s more, being the best-selling vehicle in more states, however, doesn’t mean that Ram trucks surpasses Chevrolet.

Top 10 best-selling cars in America in 2021:

1. Ford F-Series
2. Chevrolet Silverado
3. Sheep 1500/2500/3500
4. Toyota RAV4
5. Honda CR-V
6. Toyota Camry
7. Honda Civic
8. Toyota Highlander
9. GMC Sierra
10. Toyota Tacoma

In addition, Edmunds has published an interactive map of the country that allows you to see the top five best-selling cars in each state.

The most popular cars in America by state in 2021

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