The next MacBook Air may come with this awesome chip


At Apple Peek Performance event yesterday the company published in detail the next step in its line of Apple Silicon with the beast M1 Ultra chip. But in an unexpected step, the next MacBook Air, expected later this year, could use a much more down-to-earth chip.

According to Apple analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who has a good reputation for accuracy, the future MacBook Air will be equipped with an M1 chip, not the M2 he has been waiting for.

This is an amazing discovery, especially because it will mean 2022 MacBook Air will use the same chip that was launched in 2020. This also contradicts reports from other sources regarding the device. For example, reporter Mark Gourmet has repeatedly said that the next MacBook Air will be M2 chip.

When Kuo mentioned the M1, it is unlikely that he meant the M1 Pro. Although this chip will be more capable of supporting the MacBook Air to 2022 speeds than the M1, it is aimed at professional users rather than the consumers served by the MacBook Air. It is also possible that the mention of the M1 was simply a Kuo typo, although if so, it has not been corrected since its publication.

Forecasts for the new MacBook Air in 2022:
1. Mass production at the end of 2Q22 or 3Q22
2. Processor: M1 chip
3. No mini LED display
4. Brand new form factor design
5. More color options

– 郭明 錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) March 9, 2022

Kuo has also made several other predictions for the MacBook Air, including that it will offer more color options and a new design without a mini-LED display. MacBook Proand enter mass production at the end of the second quarter or third quarter of 2022.

These predictions are more in line with what we have seen elsewhere. For example, YouTuber John Prosser and Mark Gourmet have stated that the MacBook Air will come with a new design that will make the product thinner and lighter, depriving it of its classic tapered profile. Proser also claimed it would come from new colorssimilar to those on 24-inch iMac.

No matter which chip the next MacBook Air will use, we’ll find out later in 2022. Mark Gourmet believes Apple could keep it for the holiday season, so we still need to wait a bit.

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The next MacBook Air may come with this awesome chip

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