The path of a former schoolboy in NC to academic success


I grew up working on my family farm in Hawk County. My days consisted of feeding our animals at 8 am and working on a farm or home until I fed the animals again around 4pm. I also studied at home from pre-school until I graduated from high school. Unfortunately, I did not have time to study and struggled to balance my science with the life of a farmer. I rarely had time to invest in my education in my environment and often donated training to help my family. However, despite my difficulties, I now have a solid grade point average and I am pursuing a dual major in an educational environment that works for me.

Every home school is different; Personally, I didn’t like home schooling simply because I missed quite a bit of basic education. In high school, my program was very independent, and I lacked the self-motivation to properly continue my studies in other areas of life. Improving my education was neither a priority nor an option I had the time. However, the positive thing I felt from home schooling was that I was not under pressure from peers. I had more time to learn about agriculture, where our food comes from and how to lead a self-sustaining lifestyle.

After graduating from high school, I immediately chose to continue my studies because I wanted to finish everything I could with my education as soon as possible. Although I wasn’t sure I would get passing grades, I felt that continuing my education would help me throughout my career more than failing a high school diploma. I decided to start my higher education in Sandhills Community Collegefor they were one of the few colleges in my district that did not require a second language or a very high grade point average.

My transition to college was surprisingly phenomenal. I never liked such an environment and I realized how much I love to learn and pose problems with projects. I joined clubs, held committee positions and made efforts to interact with students and faculty. But most of all I like to communicate with my teachers and learn from them. I am very fortunate that Sandhills Community College has faculty who care about the success of their students and have a perfect student-faculty ratio.

Now that I have gone beyond my home schooling, there are some things I would like more people to know about home schooling. Most importantly, there is no way to shorten your path to education. Homeschooling is just a real school at home; there should be no substitutes or shortcuts. Students still need educated teachers, a solid curriculum, and peer interaction.

Despite a GPA of 4.0, which I managed to maintain, I am well aware that in most areas I am lacking in education; however, I try my best to overcome these barriers to succeed. No matter how my training began, I will forever remain the only person who can improve it. This position is my current motto when I strive for higher academic achievement.

The path of a former schoolboy in NC to academic success

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