The photo shows a flight attendant comforting Charlotte’s passenger


Delta Airlines stewardess is hailed as an angel and a saint on social media after sitting in the aisle of a flight from Charlotte to JFK and holding the hand of a passenger who was afraid of flying.

A flight attendant “explained every sound and bump” to the nervous woman, media site Social Junkie posted on Facebook Thursday afternoon. The message featured an image of a flight attendant sitting in an aisle looking at a passenger.

He “even sat there holding her hand when it was too much for her,” according to the Facebook post. “@deltaFloyd Dean-Shannon deserves a promotion!”

By Saturday morning, the post had garnered 406,000 likes and 11,000 comments, most of which praised the flight attendant.

The airline did not respond to a request for comment from The Charlotte Observer on Friday.

On Facebook, people praised the flight attendant’s compassion and empathy. Some shared their fear of flying and how much better the flight attendant’s actions made them feel.

Tips for nervous passengers

About 60% of people be afraid or feel embarrassed flying in an airplane, a condition known as aviophobiaaccording to

Perhaps the best way to stay calm is to take “distractions” on board, he advises Flight with Stellablog of a flight attendant from Washington, DC

This could include an audiobook, movie or music you’ve downloaded to your phone or other device, according to the site.

Make a trap for sitting in the front of the plane, a place less prone to “rocking back and forth” during the bumpy parts of the flight, website Fly with Captain Joe advises

Think positive thoughts and fly with someone you can discuss your fears with during the flight, the site recommends.

Also let the flight attendants know when you board that flying scares you, recommends Fly with Stella. They will help reassure you by talking about it with you during the flight.

Arrive at the airport early so you won’t be bothered to board the flight, the website further advises. It also allows time to look out the terminal windows as planes land and take off, creating a sense of ease and normalcy, Fly With Stella reports.

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The photo shows a flight attendant comforting Charlotte’s passenger

Source link The photo shows a flight attendant comforting Charlotte’s passenger