The vigil was held in honor of a man who died after being shot by Raleigh police


Several small glass jars filled with sand, candles and flowers spelled out “Tyre” in a busy Southeast Raleigh parking lot Thursday night.

As darkness fell, the crowd swelled to about 50 outside the Supreme Sweepstakes and Rock Quarry Smoke Shop & Convenience Store.

They were all there to remember 32-year-old Darryl Williams, known to close friends as Tyree. He died early Tuesday morning after being pushed by officers trying to take him into custody.

Some attendees showed up with bundles of red, blue, black and blue balloons and signs reading “Black Lives Matter.”

Others came with their young children and friends to show their support. Amidst the sadness was a sense of anger and a demand for justice.

“If we don’t come together, this will never be solved,” Mary Cabell said. “Enough means enough.”

Cabell, Williams’ aunt, thanked people for supporting her family.

“If it wasn’t for your strength, I don’t know what this family would do,” Cabell said. “He was too young, he didn’t even really start. …I want some answers and I want to know why my nephew was taken away.”

Balloons are released as bystanders say, “We love you boo boo,” during a vigil for Darryl Williams outside the Supreme Sweepstakes in Raleigh, North Carolina, Thursday night, Jan. 19, 2023. Williams, 32, died after police The rolls hit him with their whips. Tuesday morning. Ethan Hyman

What the police say about the incident

Police say the incident happened around 1:56 a.m. outside the Supreme Sweepstakes parlor on Rock Quarry Road near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. An incident recall report sent to The News & Observer by Raleigh police said police went to the area to respond to a “concealed weapons violation.”

Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson said officers were on “active patrol” in the area that morning when they spotted a “suspicious vehicle.”

Patterson said Williams was running from officers when he was tasered. When he was handcuffed to the ground, Williams was unresponsive and officers performed “life-saving measures” to try to revive him.

Officers said they took Williams to a local hospital, where he later died, according to a news release.

“I love you. We’ve got your back,” says Mary Cabell, Darryl Williams’ aunt, before a Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023, evening honoring Williams at the Supreme Sweepstakes in Raleigh, N.C. Williams, 32 died after being pushed by Raleigh police officers with a slingshot Tuesday morning. . Ethan Hyman

In the two days since Williams’ death, Raleigh police have released little information about the incident, including the reason for the arrest or when he was taken to a local hospital.

Police said six officers have been placed on administrative leave, but have not been named.

Raleigh police also have not confirmed exactly who Williams died.

“He didn’t deserve it. He was human,” said Christopher Strickland, Williams’ best friend. They were friends for more than 10 years. “I want to raise that issue.”

Raleigh police said they will release a five-day report next week, which is a record of officer-involved deaths. The case is also being investigated by the State Bureau of Investigation.

Toward the end of the night, those in attendance released balloons over Rock Quarry Road, saying, “We love you, Boo-Boo,” Williams’ family nickname.

Attendees pay tribute to Darryl Williams outside the Supreme Sweepstakes in Raleigh, N.C., Thursday evening, Jan. 19, 2023. Williams, 32, died after being hit by Raleigh police on Tuesday morning. Ethan Hyman

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Kristen Johnson is a reporter in the breaking news group of The News & Observer. She is a graduate of UNC Charlotte and American University.

The vigil was held in honor of a man who died after being shot by Raleigh police

Source link The vigil was held in honor of a man who died after being shot by Raleigh police