Top rated barbecue restaurants in North Carolina’s 10 largest cities


(WGHP) – Is that so in Eastern style, Lexington style or South Carolina styleBBQ can help you make friends – or enemies! – very quickly.

People in Carolina don’t neglect when it comes to ranking their favorite barbecue spots.

That’s why we went to Trip Advisor to see which barbecue restaurants were the best of the top 10 in North Carolina’s largest cities.


Midwood Smoking Room

Rating: 4.5 stars

Rating: № 3 of 1740 restaurants in Charlotte

It’s the best choice in North Carolina’s largest city, so it should have some weight! While Charlotte may be just an hour’s drive from Lexington, the Midwood Smokehouse follows the route of the Eastern Northern Kingdom. The restaurant’s classic barbecue plates feature chopped pork with smoked hickory, lightly seasoned in its own oriental vinegar sauce. You can pick up a small plate for $ 11 or a large plate for $ 14.

If you want to try it on yourself, you don’t have to go to Charlotte. In addition to three locations in Queen City, Midwood can also be found at Birkdale Village in Huntersville and at Cross Hill Market in Columbia, South Carolina.


A real barbecue in the pit

Rating: 4 stars

Rating: № 32 of 973 restaurants in Raleigh

You made your choice in The Pit. One reviewer wrote, “Great for what it is – a classic North Carolina barbecue. Both oriental and western sauces are available (i.e. vinegar and tomato), and pork is excellent. For starters, I recommend Pit Sampler. ” A plate of sliced ​​barbecue costs you $ 13.99. The Pit Sampler, a tour of their most popular snacks, retails for $ 14.99 and includes smoked wings, barbecue rolls, eggs and cheese balls.

To experience The Pit, visit the only restaurant at 328 W. Davie St.


Mac Speed ​​Shop

Rating: 4 stars

Rating: №34 out of 607 restaurants in Greensboro

If you’re not hungry yet, the description of a barbecue plate from Mac’s Speed ​​Shop will change that. The restaurant says his smoked hickory pork is “rubbed, slowly smoked for 12 hours and lightly drizzled with Carolina barbecue sauce”. The small one costs $ 12 and the big one costs $ 14. If you experience adventure, you can get it on tacos. And if you feel indeed you can try the “Fatboy Challenge”, which is a massive 5-pound sandwich with pork, brisket, hamburger, smoked apple bacon, bag blanco, bag, fried pickles and Mac’s Burn Out sauce, and half – a pound of poppy seeds and cheese. When you’re done, it’s free, and if you don’t, you’ll get $ 70.

Mac’s boasts eight locations across North and South Carolina. If you can’t get to Greensboro, visit them in Fayetteville, Lake Norman, Matthews, Charlotte (2 seats), Wilmington or Greenville, South Carolina.


The original Q Shack

Rating: 4.5 stars

Rating: № 1 out of 102 Quick Snacks in Durham

The original Q Shack shouldn’t entice you with quirky words. They serve a plate of pork with two sides and hash puppies for $ 10.95, and it pretty much sells itself. The store, founded by chef Dan Ferguson and his wife Amanda, says they have been perfecting their recipes for more than 20 years. One reviewer said, “One of the first requirements of a good barbecue is tender, moist meat, and the Original Q knocks it out of the park on that.”

When they say they are “original,” they mean it. There is only one and you can find it at 2510 University Drive.


Camel City Barbecue Factory

Rating: 4 stars

Rating: №21 of 421 restaurants in Winston-Salem

The classic fare with the Camel City BBQ Factory may seem difficult, but they’re in no hurry when it comes to pork. The restaurant serves “Factory pork, smoked by hand, smoked and slowly cooked for ten hours.” The plate costs $ 9.85. One reviewer said, “We stopped because it sounded interesting and offered dinner outdoors. I was fascinated by the bright decor and the friendly staff. The food was amazing: large portions of juicy barbecue, my salad was fresh and crunchy, and a generous portion of brisket. ”

Visit the “Factory” at Liberty St., 701.


Barbecue mission

Rating: 4.5 stars

Rating: № 1 of 52 Quick Snacks in Fayetteville

Now it’s interesting because it’s the only name that appears twice on this list, and it’s because they really spread love. With 109 locations in several states as of 2021 and beyond, Mission is the most common brand we have in this top 10, and they don’t specialize in any regional style. The mission was launched on September 11, 2011, ten years after the attack on the World Trade Center – and this is no accident. The patriotic brand is known for supporting the military, namely hiring local veterans and offering veterans free food on certain occasions. Their pork is “slowly smoked” and “handmade,” and the plate sells for $ 8.19. The list of sandwiches says you can get your barbecue in “Traditional or NC Style”.

You can check them out on 1932 Skibo Road, but they also have locations in Jacksonville and Wilmington with plans to open in Greenville.


Urban barbecue

Rating: 4.5

Rating: № 3 of 58 Quick Snacks in Kerry

You may be skeptical when you hear that City Barbecue is based in Ohio, but they are not trying to beat Carolina in their own game. They pay homage. “We are not limited to a specific region or style, but instead try to demonstrate the breadth and depth of barbecues that are found throughout the country,” the company said in a statement on its website. They specialize in “American barbecue – all that”, from Texas-style brisket or Carolina pork. And people still like it. City Barbecue has grown to 46 seats in six states. But we are here to talk real Barbecue: City offers a pork sandwich for $ 7.29 or a lolo pork sandwich for $ 7.49.

The NC has more than a few barbecue spots in town. In Kerry you can find them at 1305 Kildaire Farm Road, but you can also find them in Raleigh, Durham, Garner, Greensboro and the Charlotte area.


Barbecue mission

Rating: 4.5 stars

Rating: № 5 of 81 Quick Snacks in Wilmington

Mission BBQ is the only place for a barbecue that gets on this list twice! Check out the details above in the Fayetteville section – or skip the review and visit them at 351 S. College Road in Wilmington.

High point

Barbecue Joz

Rating: 4.5 stars

Rating: №3 of 176 restaurants in High Point

You can get kebab killers in big chains, but can anything be better at a family restaurant? Not at High Point! Joe’s BBQ idea was born during the New Year’s Church service in 2004. The rest is history. Approach Joe’s to get a plate of pork with “slow-cooked and smoked sliced ​​or stretched” for $ 9.25. One reviewer said, “Everything we ate here was delicious, starting with (of course) hash puppies that are as good as everyone here saying they are. The barbecue was better than what we ate a few days ago at a more famous establishment. ”

The original location can be found at 2822 S. Main Street. at High Point, but you can also find them at Trinity.


Smoke pit

Rating: 4.5 stars

Rating: №1 of 209 restaurants in Concord

You know it will be good if it is cooked slowly and slowly and smoked for up to 18 hours. Smoke Pit serves smoked hick pork as a regular plate for $ 12.95 or a large one for $ 15.95. But they did not stop there. In fact you can get your kebab on what they call a “super kebab” that includes pork, southern sweet sauce, cheddar, slices of smoked bacon, sour cream and green onions, for $ 12.95. One reviewer said, “I’ve been to smoking many times and it never ceases to be so delicious !!!” Note: This reviewer and several others also noted one specific server that seems to have become something of a local celebrity: AC. He is said to be the “best waiter”.

Check them out at 796 Concord Parkway North or in Salisbury, Monroe and Gastonia.

Top rated barbecue restaurants in North Carolina’s 10 largest cities

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