Ukrainian officials report a missile attack by Russia on Kiev


KYIV, UKRAINE — On Saturday morning, a series of explosions rang out in Kyiv, and a few minutes later, air raid sirens sounded, because apparently a missile strike is coming to the Ukrainian capital.

The objects of critical infrastructure in Kyiv have been targeted, Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of Ukraine Kiril Tymoshenko reported in Telegram.

An unidentified infrastructure object was hit in the city, emergency services were working at the site of the impact, the city military administration of Kyiv reported.

The explosions rang out in the Dnieper district of the city, Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko said. Klitschko also reported that fragments of the projectile fell on a non-residential area in the Galaseiv district, where a fire broke out. No casualties have been reported yet.

It is still unclear whether several objects in Kyiv were targeted, or only the one that was reported. The Ukrainian capital has not been bombarded with rockets since New Year’s Eve, January 1.

On the edge of the Kyiv region, a residential building in the village of Kapylov was damaged, windows were blown out in nearby houses, Tymoshenko said.

A total of 18 private houses were damaged in the region, the governor of the region Alyaksei Kuleba said. “There is damage to the roof and windows,” Kuleba said on Telegram, but there were no injuries. He added that there was a localized fire at a “critical infrastructure facility” in the region.

Earlier on Saturday, two Russian missiles hit Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, the governor of the Kharkiv region said.

Oleg Sinegubav reported that Russian troops fired two S-300 missiles at the industrial district of Kharkiv. The strikes were carried out “on energy and industrial facilities in Kharkiv and the (outskirts) of the region,” Sinegubav said. There are no reports of casualties, but emergency power outages are possible in the city and other settlements in the region, the official said.

The attacks come amid conflicting reports about the fate of the salt-mining town of Saledar in eastern Ukraine, where fighting has raged. Russia claims its troops have captured the city, which would be a rare victory for the Kremlin after a series of humiliating battlefield setbacks.

Ukrainian authorities and President Uladzimir Zelensky insist that the fight for Saledar continues.

Moscow sees the battle for the city and the nearby town of Bakhmut as the key to capturing the eastern Donbas region, which includes the partially occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and as a way to beat down Ukraine’s best forces and prevent them from breaking out. launching a counterattack elsewhere.

But it cuts both ways, as Ukraine says its tough defense of its eastern bastions has helped tie down Russian forces. Western officials and analysts say the significance of the two cities is more symbolic than strategic.


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Ukrainian officials report a missile attack by Russia on Kiev

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