Under the new law, Bodaboda riders acquire PSV badges


BSoon racers Adoboda and Tuk-tuk may be forced to purchase a public vehicle (PSV) badge. National Office of Transport and Security. This would be if the deputies approved the proposed law, which requires drivers of two- and three-wheeled vehicles providing taxi services to obtain the necessary driving licenses.

The NTSA (Amendment) bill of 2022, authored by Ruira MP Simon Kingar, stipulates that two- and three-wheeled taxis will be regulated by transport authorities.

“The government should regulate two- and three-wheeled motorcycle taxis,” the bill says of additional roles it seeks to assign to NTSA.

NTSA would have to create systems and procedures for the regional registration and licensing of these taxis, their drivers, and issue PSV badges to drivers.

Although there is no official database with the exact number of motorcycles in the bodaboda business, it is estimated that there are just over a million riders.

The KNBS Economic Review Report for 2021 shows that the number of newly registered motorcycles increased from 217,425 in 2019 to 252,600 in 2020 – an increase of about 16 percent.

“Our proposal to the task force was for us to self-regulate. Even if we give them NTSA badges, the government cannot control bodybuilders, they are so many and difficult, not like a mat, ”he said.

He said that through the Bodaboda Association’s information management system they have been able to register many riders, so it is best to track and track.

The system, owned by the association, was launched by Interior CS staffer Fred Matiangi and his ICT counterpart Joe Mucher in August 2020.

“We give them badges through their leadership – which goes in cascades from all levels of government, we can best track and track these riders,” Mubadi said.

He added that registration is complicated and “includes records of whether the rider owns the motorcycle or has been hired”.

“It took the state so long to deal with the industry’s problems. The only way to succeed is to partner with the state, ”the BAK head said.

In November 2018, the government established a Task Force on Political, Legal and Administrative Reforms in Public Motorcycle Transport.

It was instructed to review the existing policy, collect comprehensive data on safety, reliability, cost and all issues related to motorcycle users.

Under the new law, Bodaboda riders acquire PSV badges

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