What car did you love to drive, but absolutely hated owning?


The joys that come along with car enthusiasm can be incredibly high. When you pull out of a corner, hearing your favorite power unit howl, away from the Christmas tree, or around the racetrack – an intoxicating experience. Unfortunately, entropy dictates that ordered systems, such as those in motors or electrical systems, will progress to disorder over time. This brings us to our question today, which car you madly loved to drive but absolutely hated to own.

This deep emotion is also key. I mentioned in an old article how for me, the highest BMW ownership figures were much better than the lowest lows. That’s not to say the falls were easy, and I suspect many of you have had similar experiences.

Car like E60 BMW M5 this is the type of car we are talking about here. It has well-documented reliability issues that the plant should never have avoided. This includes faulty VANOS electromagnets, troublesome individual throttle valves and rod bearings that are less reliable than the teenage barista at your local coffee shop who tries to place your order while playing on your phone.

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Of course, if the V7 with 507 horsepower (378 kW) works properly, the M5 is probably the latest analog super sedan and has a top speed of over 200 mph. It’s not alone, however, there are many cars that have been awesome to drive and awful to maintain. Another example Ferrari F355 which is known for its ethereal exhaust note and rock star style.

Unfortunately, it is also known that headers break and can cause engine damage if not repaired in a timely manner. The control valves have a fun high bounce rate. The engine has to go out every three years to service the belt, which can cost about $ 10,000 or more.

We will provide additional answers about the cars you personally own. It’s easy to say that you had a friend who owned one of these cars and it was awful, but as you know, your friend could be a masochist and this car hurt them. So what is your answer? What car did you love to drive but hated owning? Is he still sitting in your garage?

What car did you love to drive, but absolutely hated owning?

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