What Sports Give You the Best Betting Odds


Sports betting is popular all over the world, offering sports fans a chance to add some extra excitement to their favorite sports. Not only does sports betting make sports even more exciting, it also offers the potential to win real money. Sports fansuse their knowledge of the game they follow to place bets and win cash.

While betting can lead to money, it’s always risky. To win money, you need to bet your own money, and the sportsbooks usually always come out on top. To have a chance of being successful and not losing money, you need to be able to find the sports and events that give the best odds. In sports betting, odds are the number that determines how much you can potentially win if your selection occurs.

Different sports offer different betting opportunities, with some markets that are unique to specific sports. For those that are looking to gain an advantage against the sportsbooks, it pays to choose the right sport and always look for the best odds. Additionally, claiming offers such as North Carolina sports betting bonuses can help. So which sports are best? Here are some favorites for sports bettors below.


Football is the most popular sport to bet on in North America, with the NFL being the most popular league. Aside from the NFL, college football also receives a lot of attention from bettors, although not every state accepts bets on college sports. According to recent estimates, over $20 billion will be legally wagered in the United States during the 2021 NFL and collegiate football seasons, nearly tripling the $7.5 billion gambled in 2020.

While football is popular for sports bettors, it’s probably not the best in terms of betting opportunities. There aren’t that many games in a season,limiting the number of successful bets you can make. However, one upside of betting on football is that the favorites don’t lose as often as in other sports. This means that you can make safer bets in a lot of cases.


Tennis is a year-round sport, with lots of competitions happening all over the globe throughout the year. There’s no off-season or lengthy breaks. It’s action all the time. This means that in terms of betting opportunities, few sports can match tennis. Also, because there are clear favorites to advance in each tournament, you can make relatively safe parlay bets. These let you add multiple selections and increase your potential winnings.


Soccer is easily the most popular sport in the world, and as a result, it generates the most attention from bettors. There are always games on someone, as most countries across the globe have soccer leagues. This means unparalleled betting opportunities, with hundreds of games available to bet on each week. Most online sportsbooks will carry all of the top leagues and many smaller competitions too.

Something to watch out for with soccer is the tie, which means there are three moneyline options to bet on. Some sportsbooks will offer a draw no bet market, and there are handicap markets too that eliminates the draw from the potential results. It’s usually best to opt for these or to go for other markets such as goals scored, as the draw creates a risk.


For a lot of bettors in the US, baseball is the single best option to bet on. It offers a lot of advantages over other sports. First of all, the MLB baseball season contains 162 games per team, which amounts to a huge number of opportunities. Aside from this, baseball is heavily focused on statistics, with lots of metrics that help you choose the best bet. You can study the stats carefully to come to conclusions about which teams have the best chance of success.