Which car did you regret the most?


As car enthusiasts, many of us spend most of our lives disassembling used car markets for exciting and fun dream projects. Never before the used car market was as wild as it is now or. Prices are skyrocketing, and it’s hard to find enthusiast favorites without paying much more than you could just a couple of years ago. This makes today’s question even more interesting.

Sometimes buying a car turns out to be a bad choice because of things we may not know at first. Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire recently bought a Ferrari that came with fake service records so that even experienced buyers can get a short end stick. Sometimes unusually serious problems with the car appear only after we buy the car, and no one is to blame. Other times we shoot ourselves pretty hard in the foot.

People may experience mental possession that can take over them long before they sign up for the dotted line, and sometimes this has certainly contributed to making bad decisions. We can watch the machine we know of will be horrible to us but we just can’t get away from the dream of what could be the perfect property.

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Then there are a small part of us who regret buying cars that end up being really good. Fortunately, this is not the result of a bad experience, but it is very possible to feel that your car owns you if you are too worried about having to keep it clean or otherwise perfect. Some people can’t use their car to the fullest because it worries them so much.

As for me, I don’t know that I totally regret about any car I bought, as in their own way, each of them brought me here, but at the same time I really sincerely regret one recommendation I made many years ago. My younger brother asked if this or that car would be suitable for his young and developing family.

With radiant pride that my younger brother, who asks me little, take my opinion into account, I told him to go for it, and that he would like it. That car? A B6 Audi Allroad. Start laughing. He was just as horrible as any other Allroad, and thankfully he sold it before he went bankrupt.

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Which car did you regret the most?

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