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Steve Wilson, NortonLifeLock’s director for the UK and Ireland, is exploring the rise of cybersecurity threats in the gaming world as the exponential growth in the number of gamers opens up gateways to cybercriminals.

Today, there are 44 million gamers in the UK out of a population of 65 million. In Europe, this figure is approaching 351 million. Worldwide, this is more than 3.2 billion.

Due to the growth of games, in terms of cybercriminals, this means access to a wider network of potential targets that are easily accessible online. According to eMarketer, the average gamer now spends almost ten hours a week playing – a significant amount devotes even more.

As a gamer, I was intrigued by the results of the Norton Cyber ​​Safety Insights Report 2021: Special Release – Gaming & Cybercrime, conducted by The Harris Poll among more than 700 UK adults currently playing online games. This shows how far some gamers will go to win – more than a third of gamers surveyed in the UK (34%) say they set cheats to gain an edge over their competitors, while 30% of respondents said they would pay to take over someone else’s users. game account if they could.

It is fair to say that anyone who has ever been destroyed by an invader in Dark Souls can empathize in some way by experiencing such a level of frustration. Using cheat programs, for example, can be tempting, but it can lead to Trojan downloads. There is a risk that the malware may go unnoticed in the game catalog by collecting personal information and bank details.

However, if you are planning to install malicious software on your devices, you are far from alone. Surveyed gamers admit that they are willing to compromise the security of their data to stay ahead of other gamers, with a recent Norton survey found that nearly a third of surveyed gamers have removed antivirus software (32%). This can be a risky move.

As a gamer and a person working in the cybersecurity industry, I know how important it is to monitor online connections. It is tempting to share personal information in your profile during a broadcast or live chat. However, playing with a wide network of people can be unintentionally risky.

More than 2 out of 5 gamers surveyed in the UK (42%) have been subjected to some form of attack on their gaming account. Even if the damage is limited to the gamer’s equipment or his gaming accounts, the loss can still be significant. According to Statista, gamers around the world spend more than £ 100 billion on their games.

This is not only a significant financial investment, because any player will know that it is a real investment of energy and time and – if we are honest with ourselves – emotions. It is therefore not surprising that 71% of gamers surveyed in the UK said they would be devastated or very upset if their gaming account was hacked.

Cybercriminals are well aware that cheats, fashion, character weapon skins, and limited edition items are very appealing – appealing to all types of gamers, from tough gamers to temporary gamers on Friday nights. Therefore, you should be suspicious if someone offers you a cheat, as there is a risk that it may be a Trojan horse, and, for example, your personal data may end up on the dark web.

Cybercriminals are known to steal game profiles, commit fraud, withdraw money from a bank account or e-wallet account attached to gaming accounts, and even take a person’s identity to access multiple accounts.

This is the high price you have to pay to get ahead.

There is also a threat to other people using the same devices or networks, and the potential risk of hackers gaining constant access to devices and personal information.

There is no better time for gamers to start taking security as seriously as they take frame rate. To do this, gamers must:

  • Be careful sharing personal or confidential information during games Gaming communities offer a fantastic way to interact with people and make new connections, but don’t reveal your birthday, location or the names of your pets!
  • Game raise password

Password Manager makes it much easier to use different passwords in different accounts by offering strong passwords and relieving the headache of having to remember them. Two-factor authentication is now required, adding an extra level of security.

  • Take active steps to help protect gaming accounts and devices from cyber threats

Norton 360 for gamers offers advanced protection features specifically designed to meet the unique security needs of gamers without interfering with gaming. This includes a game optimizer feature that helps maximize game performance for a more addictive gameplay. At the same time, its Dark Web Monitoring feature scans gamer tags, usernames and other personal information in the Dark Web and alerts you in case your personal information is found in the Dark Web.

All gamers know that games can provide great output, so don’t compromise the security of your device to succeed. Focus on the joys of the game.

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Why is it time for gamers to take security seriously? – PCR

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