Xbox is releasing an update that saves money as Netflix increases the subscription price


Every date that Apple chooses to host the event is a busy one for us, and this week is no exception.

This week the company held a spring event “Peek Performance”, and the most anticipated update of the night was iPhone SE 3. Apple not only introduced its new mid-range smartphone, but also introduced a new one iPad Air 5, Mac Studio desktop and Mac Studio display monitor.

Samsung had a less positive week after the campaign was called throttling over 10,000 apps limiting their performance on Galaxy phones. Since then, the company has responded deploy software updates this will allow users to monitor performance on their phones – at least for gaming applications.

However, none of these stories justified our title of winner or loser this week. Keep reading to find out what you did.

Xbox Series X

Winner: Microsoft

Microsoft has quietly released a few updates for Xbox Series X and S Series this week – one that can save you money on your electricity bills, and another that will make the transition between your favorite games easier.

Perhaps the most interesting news here gamers will now be able to pin two titles to the Xbox Quick Resume menumaking moving between your two most frequently played games easy.

In the same release, Microsoft allowed you to reassign the “Share” button on your Xbox wireless controller, which means you can now reassign the button to turn off your TV, open your friends list, or open your achievements.

The brand has also announced that its consoles will now be capable download system updates and games in power save mode.

This means that users will no longer be forced to exit power-saving mode, which has become a recommended option when configuring the console to install an important update.

Reducing the power consumption of your console will not only help in terms of environmental impact, but will also save you significant electricity bills.

Last January, National Resources Protection Council It is estimated that games without energy-saving mode could cost American gamers an additional $ 500 million (about $ 380 million) for electricity over five years.

See Netflix on the S22 Ultra

Loser: Netflix

It’s hard to imagine a company that disappointed us as much as Netflix this week when it announced that rising subscription prices in the UK and Ireland again.

The streaming service has confirmed that it will increase costs in all regions, such as the UK, with the Basic package rising from £ 5.99 a month to £ 6.99 a month, the standard plan – from £ 9.99 to £ 10.99. £ 99 and a Premium plan from £ 13.99 to £ 15.99.

While it may only be an extra £ 1-2 a month, this means subscribers will have to shell out up to £ 24 a year in addition to their regular plans if they want to keep their bills.

This isn’t even the first time we’ve seen Netflix prices rise in recent years.

Just last January, the company raised prices for its Standard and Premium packages from £ 8.99 and £ 11.99 respectively. This means that the premium subscription price has risen sharply from £ 11.99 a month to £ 15.99 in just over a year – 33% more than in 2020.

Netflix says the decision was made to allow it to continue investing in high-quality UK production, but given this the same excuse we heard last year, rising prices are getting harder and harder to bear.

Reliable reviews
Sign up for Disney +

Sign up for Disney +

Disney + offers access to many original shows such as “Mandalor” and “Hawk’s Eye”, classic movies and content from major brands such as Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar.

Of course, Netflix isn’t the only streaming site that is now looking for ways to make extra money.

Recently, Disney announced plans to introduce a a new, cheaper subscription level subsidized by advertising – something that competing streaming sites such as Discovery Plus and NBC Peacock have been doing in the US for some time.

This has led some Netflix subscribers to wonder whether there may be a level of Netflix with ad support for those of us who want to save money.

However, answering a question at an investor conference, CFO Spencer Neumann said that while Netflix would not rule out the idea, the ad-supported model is not part of the company’s plans now.

All that suggests is that you’ll probably have to accept the new Netflix pricing if you want to catch next season Strange things, Game squid or Crown.

Netflix wasn’t even the only company to raise prices this week O2 customers have suffered from the same nasty price increase of 8%.. As streaming sites and mobile networks raise prices as the cost of living rises, consumers will be able to add as much to the budget before the number of subscribers starts to fall.

Xbox is releasing an update that saves money as Netflix increases the subscription price

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