You can buy 37 old Land Rover and parts for $ 500,000


A complete collection of classics Land Rover models and parts for sale eBay.

The seller shows in the list that he started repairing and spare parts for Land Rover to supplement his work on surgical technology and help him get through college. Now he decided it was time to part with Land Rovers and all the parts. Vehicles and parts are located in various locations throughout the United States, although it is not clear exactly where they are, except for some in Orlando, Florida.

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In total, the collection consists of 37 Land Rover models, consisting of 19 Range Rover The 1995 Soft Dash models, some of which work and others require a bit of work, and some were just used for details. The collection also includes 2 Land Rover Discovery 2 models, 1 Range Rover Chop Top classic with V8, 7 Discovery 1s, one LR3 2005 release, 1 Freelander SE34 2005, 1 Defender 90, 2 Defender 110s, 2 Defenderw 130bs and a single Range 2008 Rover supercharged.

The range of spare parts available is wide and is currently stored in two 40-foot containers and a large storage area. They include a left-hand drive row Land Rover Defender bulkheads, a pair of powertrains LS and Coyote V8, as well as a body Defender 130 with left-hand drive on a brand new mobile chassis.

While listing shows that the seller expected to sell the entire collection of cars and parts for $ 500,000, much more likely that individual cars and certain parts will initially be picked up by buyers. After all, buying such a complete collection and shipping can be a serious headache.

You can buy 37 old Land Rover and parts for $ 500,000

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