2023 BMW 7-Series gets first EV variant and 31-inch widescreen TV for rear passengers


BMW has unveiled a brand new seventh generation of its flagship 7-Series sedan, as well as these controversial split headlights designed in from the latest X7 SUV these are perhaps the least interesting moments to talk about.

This is because the 2023 7-Series also announces the arrival of the first ever EV model, the i7 xDrive60, and some pretty cool technologies such as huge 31-inch rear screen hanging from the headliner to bring some new meaning to movies on the car.

Arrival 7-Series EV quite a big deal, so although we’ll cover this here, along with other options in the range, we’ve also highlighted this in a separate story (click the link below) for those who don’t want to get their Electric Car News contaminated with details about dirty, old-fashioned dinosaurs. burning fossil fuels.

Speaking of dinosaurs, while many buyers will be fascinated by the idea of ​​switching the 7 Series to electric, there is still a lot to satisfy ICE fans, including the entry-level car, which is 40 hp. (41 PS) more powerful than before. The base 740i costs $ 93,300 (plus $ 995 destination) and comes with a 3.0-liter turbocharged, in-line six with 48-volt soft hybrid technology and developing 375 liters. enhanced mode.

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Go for the 760i xDrive for $ 113,600 (+ $ 995) and you’ll get all-wheel drive, replace the six with a V8, still get soft hybrid technology and now have 536 hp. s. (543 PS) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm)) at your service. That’s enough to cut 0.8 seconds from the 540’s 5-second time to 0-60 mph (100 km / h).

Unfortunately, there is no V12 in range this time, it means the i7 xDrive60 for $ 119,300 (+ $ 995) is the new flagship. Thanks to two very electric motors with a combined capacity of 536 liters.

Larger and more spacious

BMW may have made efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the 7 Series by as much as 39 percent against an old car, but his physical footprint is bigger than ever. The last seven has grown 5.1 inches (126 mm) in length and now has 212.2 inches (5.4 m) between the bumpers, making a standard car with a short wheelbase presented today, close in size to the stretched version of the old car . The wheelbase is 126.6 inches (3.2 m) just 0.2 inches (5 mm) longer than last year, but part of that extra overall length means the luggage volume in the ICE versions increases from 18.2 куб. feet to 19.1 cu. feet (i7 does make with 17.7 cubic feet).

Like the latest X7, the 7-Series is paired with a huge pair of grilles a tiny set of headlights, or at least so want you to think BMW stylists. In fact, the top set of headlights is just a DRL, while the main headlight blocks are slightly hidden in the recess of the bumper at the bottom.

There are some interesting design changes along the side, also in the form of door handles and thick chrome on the C-rack, which really draws your attention to the famous Hofmeister BMW break. And takes a piece of paper from the book Mercedes MaybachBMW offers two-tone paint options through its BMW Individual service.

Choose M Sport Professional for maximum intimidation

But if you prefer your 7-Series to stand out more sporty, you’ll head to the M Sport package instead. Standard on the 740i and 760i xDrive and optional at no extra cost on the i7 xDrive60, it brings small style changes that can be further upgraded with the optional M sports package (we know it’s confusing, but it has a big “P”). ) on the i7 xDrive60. Or you can go out and specify the M Sport Professional Package on any of them by adding M Sport brakes with blue or black calipers, a small rear spoiler and advanced Shadowline handling.

The 7-Series presents a touch interaction panel

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In addition to doors with tight surfaces, which are equipped with a Digital Key smartphone unlock and additional automatic opening and closing, there is a familiar look of the curved BMW digital display, which combines a digital set of devices with touch screen infotainment system and the latest iDrive8 software. As well as A competitor to the Mercedes S-Class BMWthe latest 7 Series has a 5G connection, allowing passengers to watch video-on-demand services such as YouTube, but not while driving.

The console has a smaller, redesigned automatic transmission switch, something we’ve seen on the X7 but what we haven’t seen before is the interaction panel, a touchscreen that runs right across the dashboard and provides ambient lighting. at the same time placing virtual buttons for many car functions.

The rear seats act as a cinema

But for many 7 Series owners it’s what happens in the back seats, not in the front, that really matters. Extending the voice assistant to the rear of the compartment brings the 7-Series in line with its competitors, but the big news here is the addition of an additional 31-inch Theater Screen suspended from the roof, which is 2 inches closer to the clouds. than in the old machine, which led to a marked increase in reading margin.

When passengers are active in cinema mode, the rear of the car turns into a private cinema, a 4K screen equipped with Amazon Fire is lowered, sunscreen is raised, and the seat angle and interior lighting are adjustable to help you get lost in the moving cinema experience. These rear seats can be tilted to an impressive 42.5 degrees, so getting comfortable shouldn’t be a problem.

Touch panel built into each rear door

Rear passengers also get 5.5-inch Touch Command digital switches in the doors that look like mini-smartphones, and allow them to control a variety of features including calls they’ll hear through extra headrest speakers if they spend big money on upgrades standard 655 watts, Bowers & Wilkins hifi with 18 speakers to the 1965-watt Diamond Surround Sound System of the same company with 36 speakers.

More comfort, more agility, more autonomy

Whether you’re sitting in front or behind, you’ll benefit from standard air suspension and adaptive shock absorbers, while an optional rear-wheel steering system can reduce the turning circle by 2.5 feet (0.8 m) as well as an additional The active anti-root package promises smooth traffic on less smooth roads.

But as a sign where the 7th seriesLike all luxury cars, BMW is proud to say that the 2023 car is capable of driving hands-free at speeds of up to 80 mph (130 km / h) when equipped with an additional Professional driving assistance package. If you enjoy driving your 7 Series and not on you, this latest G70 generation car may be your last chance.

The Launch of the 7th series in 2023 in the US in the winter of 2022, but pre-orders for the i7 open on April 20th. Are you a fan of the new look and would you buy the new 7 Series instead of the Mercedes S-Class? Leave a comment and let us know.

2023 BMW 7-Series gets first EV variant and 31-inch widescreen TV for rear passengers

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