2024 Lamborghini supercar: Everything we know about the Aventador’s wild V12 hybrid successor


This story includes independent illustrations by CarScoops artist Josh Byrnes based on recent spy shots as well as our own information. Renderings are not affiliated with or endorsed by Lamborghini.

Boy, time flies! It’s been ten years since Lamborghini came out tough Aventador burst onto the scene as a ballistic successor to the once mighty Murcielago. Although it still looks as fresh as the day it was launched, the aging bull’s time has come as its nameless replacement is just around the corner.

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The last ones spy shots reveal a radical new look, and reports point to an equally wild powertrain. Yes, it’s now a hybrid, but don’t panic – it’s still powered by a gorgeous orchestral V12 that complements the electronic kick.

Wild style as always

Illustrations by Josh Byrnes / Carscoops.com

The successor to the Aventador continues Lamborghini’s design tradition of daring to be different, like something out of Star Wars. Given that the Italian halo model typically has a lifespan of 10 years or more, the exotic automaker has gone to great lengths to make sure it looks desirable for years to come.

Design highlights? Razor-sharp cutting edge features Inspired by Sian Y-shaped DRLs with main lighting units neatly recessed behind. At the bottom, the aggressive air intakes are framed by a pronounced splitter that juts out from the middle.

The side view retains Lamborghini’s famous wedge profile, with large side vents now joining the rear pillars to form a ‘W’ outline. The greenhouse is relatively similar to the outgoing Huracan and Aventador, with small windows at the front and rear of the main side glass.

You could say that the rear view is the wildest. Here, the taillights mimic the front DRLs with a ‘Y’ theme flanked by a set of fiery quad tailpipes. Next, the rear deck has an almost double aesthetic hood before turning into the engine bay cover. Keen observers will notice In Ford GT style flying buttresses and a central vent that is part of the lower diffuser.

Under the skin

At the rear, the exhaust pipe of the new Lamborghini supercar, a sports quad, is positioned at the same height as the Y-shaped taillights

While Sant’Agata Bolognese has managed to keep the interior a secret, it’s likely to be just as wild as the exterior. As with most supercars, don’t expect a spacious interior, but rather a bespoke outfit for both driver and passenger.

The jet fighter’s cockpit will feature enhanced digital connectivity with wireless updates, wireless phone charging, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A 360-degree surround view system aids visibility, and it will have a full suite of driver aids and driving modes.

An electrified 12-cylinder symphony

Illustrations by Josh Byrnes / Carscoops.com

As a sign of the times, Lamborghini’s flagship will have a petrol-electric engine with reduced CO2 emissions a hybrid setup. It will be the Italian brand’s first ever hybrid as it looks to electrify its entire lineup, with the popular Urus and Huracan to follow.

However, unlike that Prius from the local grocery store, this hybrid uses a new fire-breathing V12 along with an electric motor and battery.

While official specs have yet to be revealed, Lamborghini has hinted that the V12 will be an all-new engine unrelated to the already impressive 6.5-liter naturally aspirated unit found in the current car. For reference, the Sián hybrid equipped with a supercapacitor makes more than 774 horsepower, so expect a lot more power.

The hypothesis suggests that a new dual-clutch transmission will be used to send power to all four wheels.

Fast rivals

Lamborghini’s flagship will go up against the insanely fast Maranello Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Aston Martin DBS, Porsche 911 Turbo Sand a new Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

We expect an official debut later this year or early 2023, probably as 2024MY for the North American market.

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2024 Lamborghini supercar: Everything we know about the Aventador’s wild V12 hybrid successor

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