23 puppies rescued at NC shelter soon for adoption


An animal shelter in North Carolina took 23 puppies on March 9 after they were rescued from what animal control called an “accumulation situation”.

The Humane Society of the Foothills – located in Columbus, a town about 84 miles west of Charlotte – gives a second chance to 23 puppies found by the Polk County Animal Control Department. Animal control officials said the puppies lived in poor conditions, causing them to be malnourished, the shelter said in a Facebook post.

An animal control officer told McClatchy News that they responded to a March 8 call about dogs at large. When they arrived at the house, officers said they were shocked to see an “extreme number” of puppies.

Animal care workers have rescued the puppies ’litter and are helping the owner to spay and neuter adult dogs that are still in the area.

According to the shelter, the shelter staff felt “shock, grief and anger” when they saw nearly two dozen.

Fragment of a screen from a Facebook post by the Humane Society Foothills.

They said some of the puppies were injured with “lowered eyes, hunched back, umbilical hernia and possible leg fracture.”

Pit bull terrier puppies aged six weeks to five months. Some weigh only 2 pounds, the animal shelter said.

The shelter is now asking the community to help care for animals that need to be neutered, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped before they can be adopted.

“Good work FHS staff and foster parents !! We need a village and donations! ”The commentator wrote under the asylum’s letter. “Thank God for everyone and for people who can’t help physically, but can help with donations!”

Cassandra Coyer is a national real-time reporter for McClachie, who covers the southeast while in Washington, DC. more.

23 puppies rescued at NC shelter soon for adoption

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