3 2022 Subaru SUVs that we love


If you have a planned year of adventure and you choose the perfect car to complement your lifestyle, you should look at the 2022 Subaru lineup. Subaru is known for powerful compact SUVs at an affordable price that offer some amazing features in terms of comfort, entertainment and functionality. Their cars are usually also economical. With all this information, you are probably wondering, “Well, where is it Subaru dealer next to me? Definitely worth a visit. ”

Thanks to excellent handling and known reliability, Subaru vehicles are a pleasure to drive on the highway, in the city and off-road. They can evoke thrills if you want them to be, and are perfect for suburban living if you need them too. These are incredibly versatile cars, and Subaru never stops improving its cars. So let’s see what we’re excited about the 2022 Subaru SUVs.

Universal compact SUV: Subaru Crosstrek 2022

Now, Cross track not new – it has been popular in recent years, so Subaru just kept improving it in this year’s performance. It’s an affordable compact SUV, so if you want something not too awkward and easy to get into cramped parking, but at the same time provides comfort to passengers, this is the way to go. Speaking of passenger comfort, it offers 100.7 cubic feet of passenger space, and you probably won’t hear complaints from riders about the feeling of cramped.

There’s also room for all things here, so don’t let the compact design of this car fool you. Its trunk boasts a good 55.3 cubic feet of storage space. In some tests, it easily contained 17 hand luggage as is and 19 hand luggage with folded rear seats. It’s unlikely your crew will bring that much luggage, but it’s good to know they could if they wanted to. If anything else, you can put there a cooler and adventure gear for the weekend. Its large windows provide excellent visibility for the driver and passengers, which is appreciated when you drive this car to a rarely visited natural area. Everyone can see the beauty of nature.

However, there is nothing to write about its base engine. However, upgrade the available 2.5-liter 182 hp and you’ll have a lot of fun. This version of the engine conquers the hills, makes sharp turns and easily drives through busy streets. As with most Subarus, it has a responsive steering wheel that is comfortable and well steered.

This car is available in a hybrid model for those who want to save on gas and do something good for the environment. When driving in fully electric mode you can expect about 90 MPGe. Also, while the battery automatically charges while driving when it discharges and you want to recharge quickly, just switch it to battery charging mode, which allows the rechargeable battery to charge even when the car is stopped, and will give you 33% battery capacity. 30 minutes drive.

Durable all-star car: 2022 Subaru Outback

Now let’s move on to the classics Subaru car: Outback. This car has mostly put Subaru on the map in the world of outdoor enthusiasts, and for good reason. Subaru was well aware of Outback fans when it introduced the new Wilderness model in this lineup. Made for this tough lifestyle, Wilderness offers all-terrain tires and brings an extra 0.8 inches of ground clearance, perfect for off-road adventures. It also has a new standard cladding that will be very appreciative if you take this thing off the paved roads. Its reliable stand is a dream for outdoor enthusiasts who need to transport their kayaks, snowboards and similar equipment.

Those who are serious about pushing Wilderness to its limits may add an additional Wilderness package. It will have LED fog lights with cool hexagon patterns, as well as covers and two towing front bumpers. The great news is that even those who don’t add this package can enjoy LED fog lights, which are now standard even in the base Outback model. Meanwhile, Premium comes with new standard vents for ventilation, ventilation and rear air conditioning. So most of the finishes have gotten some new improvements this year.

As for domestic cargo, this beauty offers up to 75.7 cubic feet of cargo space, or passengers will receive 103 cubic feet of passenger volume. Everyone and all their belongings can comfortably enjoy this trip. And if you want to enjoy the outdoors from the car, you can add an extra sunroof. It should also be noted that navigation and automatic rear emergency braking are optional extras for this car. These additions make this car truly versatile, perfect for long journeys through unfamiliar territory and for driving through busy city streets.

Subaru Forester 2022

Subaru felt its Wilderness model, so he extended it to other cars. Forester, another popular offer from Subaru, will also receive the Wilderness model in 2022. This model has extra ground clearance, like Outback’s Wilderness, and has a gorgeous panoramic sunroof. The good news: this hatch comes standard with not only Wilderness but also Limited, Sport, Premium and Touring Trim. No matter where your budget takes you in this lineup, you will enjoy this luxury.

The 2022 Forester will come standard with symmetrical all-wheel drive. It’s safer than standard all-wheel drive because it provides better balance to the car, and because it constantly directs power to each of its wheels, it creates a feeling of greater control over the steering wheel.

Like all Subaru 2022 SUV offerings, the Forester is rich in cargo space, which can hold 23 hand luggage bags with folded rear seats in some tests. And during long trips by car, this car has some convenient features, such as additional navigation to keep you on track, two standard USB ports to make devices work with two additional, as well as Wi-Fi, which is standard on all configurations other than basic. This is a great car for those who want to escape to the desert, staying in touch with “real life”.

The blue 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness is shown behind, parked next to people going hiking.

Look at the world of Subaru Way

Once again, Subaru offers on the market cars that are just right for a weekend adventurer who still needs a practical car for city or suburban life. They will never disappoint when it comes to fun features that allow you to enjoy the outdoors even more, such as sunroofs for gorgeous views or roof racks to hide this adventure outfit.

These three models we reviewed today offer a wide range. Crosstrek is perfect for those looking for something compact and sporty that is still surprisingly spacious when it comes to the passenger and cargo area. You can’t beat Outback if you’re looking for a great car for hiking. And for those who want to have fun off-road, which also fits into everyday life, Forester is the way to go. No matter what car you drive, you will enjoy a reliable vehicle with excellent safety and comfort features that are just a lot of fun to drive.

3 2022 Subaru SUVs that we love

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