5 free agent Denver Broncos targets on tight end positions


DENVER, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 31: Tet and Noah Fant № 87 of Denver Broncos run out onto the field before a game against the Washington football team at Empower Field at Mile High on October 31, 2021 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Justin Edmonds / Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos have young talent who are in a closed position, but could they look into the 2022 NFL free agents market for an upgrade?

The Denver Broncas In 2022, the attack will be seriously redesigned. Not only does the team have a brand new coaching staff, but there are likely to be major changes in the defender’s position and possibly significant changes to the overall roster.

One of the groups of positions that has been little talked about in the 2022 off-season (until the QB position is resolved, the neglect of other positions is understandable) is the tight-end position.

Of course, the Broncos have a former pick in the first round of Noah Fant, who is entering the fourth season of the NFL (how crazy is that?), As well as a former pick in the fourth round Albert Oakwegbun, who is in his third but behind and apart these guys, it’s In the team of Eric Saubert and Andrew Beck fell into the unlimited freedom of the agency.

Denver Broncos may continue to modernize in a tough way in a free agency

Although I expect Broncas to pick up a fifth-year contract option with Noah Fant (anticipation, not a report or inside information), and continue to build around he, I think, needs a second option in the tight end, and we can see how general manager George Peyton will try to upgrade Albert Okuegbunam in the 2022 offseason.

Will this be a popular solution? Maybe not, but also, you could do much worse than Okwuegbunam, as your TE3 and its consistency issues have yet to guarantee better than the TE3 guarantee in its third NFL season.

This is not a post that offers an update to the Denver Broncos over Noah Fant as a TE1 team, but rather a suggestion that the team cannot afford to transfer talent to a tough position in a free agency and recruit someone as a 1a or 1b as you want to look at it.

Noah Fant led the Broncos at receptions in 2021, but his staging was much calmer due to the fact that he was constantly thrown into reach, thrown into contact, throwing a ball moving back to the scrimmage line, or rushing next to border line.

I expect that in the crime of Nathaniel Hackett Broncas will start the game even more, which will require a hard stop, which can block at a high level, but there are also some dynamic options for catching passes in a free agency.

This list is limited, but there are actually about a dozen options that I personally would like to see George Peyton implement.

Let’s pick a few.

5 free agent Denver Broncos targets on tight end positions

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