50, 100 and 150 years ago: March 2022



Surprise: Mars Volcano

“Mars continues to amaze researchers associated with Mariner 9, which has been in orbit since November 13. Perhaps the most exciting feature is a volcanic cone at least 300 miles in diameter at the base, making it larger than any comparable object on earth. Close-ups of the sides of the volcano show a rice texture almost certainly formed by a lava flow. The volcano coincides with a circular object marked on maps since 1879 as the Knicks Olympic. In the pictures that returned Mariner 6 and Mariner 7, it looked like a giant crater about 300 miles in diameter; it is now clear that it is a cone at least four miles high. “

Computer logic

In an effort to make the computer easier to work with, Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation has developed a new computer system in which much of the software tasks typically assigned to software are performed by hardware. logic incorporated directly into the computer. Fairchild calls the new system SYMBOL, which means direct hardware symbolic addressing. The system will handle many important areas of memory management 10 to 100 times more efficiently than currently processed by software. The first prototype of Fairchild’s new system, SYMBOL IIR, is being tested at Iowa State University. ”


The human aura is ultraviolet

“Everyone is shrouded in a haze that is invisible under normal circumstances. This halo, shown in old photographs, has long been obvious to some “clairvoyants” who have particularly gifted eyesight. The indisputable evidence of Walter J. Kilner, an electrical engineering expert at St. Thomas Hospital in London, is quoted in his book, The human atmosphere, one should at once reject any belief that it is a by-product of occultism or charlatanry. Professor Kilner says: “While it is currently impossible to say exactly what the aura consists of, I feel confident that we are dealing with an ultraviolet phenomenon. Physical aura [also] may be affected by external forces such as electricity and chemical action ”.

Holly tea

“The holly species, which grows large over 40,000 square miles in the South Atlantic and the Gulf states, may in the near future be transformed into a beverage in quantitative production. George F. Mitchell, a tea specialist with the Bureau of Chemistry, rightly assessed the value of this local plant, sometimes referred to as cassia, as a stimulant beverage similar to imported tea and coffee. This shrub has a wide appeal for decorative purposes and as a Christmas tree in the holiday season. Samples of leaves analyzed by chemists showed that the caffeine content reached 1.65 percent. Laboratory experiments and intensified observations in the south over the past summer seem to indicate that a delicious drink can be produced. The tea, which is now brewed in the laboratory laboratory, is two colors: one dark and the other greenish.


The lead head is dead

“With few exceptions, all blends sold for the purpose of“ restoring ”hair color or for hair coloring contain lead salts, a deadly poison that is very harmful to health when applied to the scalp or other parts of the body, even in small amounts. Professor Charles F. Chandler of Columbia College has studied many of these drugs and found lead in every ounce of many popular articles. ”

Nature is fascinating

“In nature, everyone enjoys themselves. Lightning plays, winds whistle, thunder thunders, snow flies, shirts and cascades sing and dance, waves jump, fields smile, vines crawl and run, buds bloom, and hills have peaks to play with. But some have their seasons of melancholy. The storms moan, the marshmallows sigh, the streams roar, and the mountains look blue. ”

50, 100 and 150 years ago: March 2022

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