A delivery driver throws packages out of a truck window in Cornelius


CORNELIUS, NC (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Cornelius neighbors in the Oakhurst subdivision say they are experiencing a delivery problem.

Video captured by Ring’s doorbell shows an Amazon delivery driver throwing packages out of the truck’s window. These packages end up in the middle of the road and are scattered across lawns.

Several neighbors told Queen City News that the problem has been going on for about two weeks, especially on rainy days. In many cases, a neighbor receives a notification that their Amazon package has been delivered, but when they go outside, the package is not in their driveway.

“As I look up and down the street, everyone’s bags are lying in the grass. And these are not just bags. These are both small and large packages,” said Jennifer Kohlhorst.

One neighbor commented on Facebook saying they found their $500 laptop on the curb next to their mailbox.

“Also found my bags scattered and wet from the rain thrown on my lawn,” the comment reads.

Not only are the packages wet and often damaged, neighbors say the driver reports that the packages have been delivered to a safe location or even directly to the homeowner.

“I called Amazon and that’s when they said, ‘They said it was marked as being directly transferred to a family member,'” Virginia Murray said.

Catherine Armitage is one of those whose packages are featured in the Ring video. Apparently, the video was taken at her neighbor’s house, two driveways away. According to her, the drivers threw four or five packages out of the window, and only one or two belonged to the addressee.

Packages (Courtesy: Catherine Armitage)

“Literally in the middle of the street in the pouring rain with tire tracks,” said Armitage, who ordered a laptop protector that ended up crashing.

Armitage said Amazon offered her a refund and told her in an email: “As an immediate action, I have escalated the issue and filed a formal complaint against the driver with our delivery department.”

“It’s important because it’s easy and convenient. That’s what they’re selling us on. But still, if my packages don’t arrive on time, or if they don’t even arrive, it’s just a delay for me,” she said.

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Queen City News saw the same delivery driver in the neighborhood Wednesday afternoon. As it turned out, she delivered each package by hand to the recipient’s front door.

“I’m hoping it’s just burnout and not someone who’s going to do it all the time,” Murray said.

A delivery driver throws packages out of a truck window in Cornelius

Source link A delivery driver throws packages out of a truck window in Cornelius